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Given that the Family Hemerlein Variety Show is tomorrow (only a few tickets left so get em ASAP) we thought we’d give you the inside scoop on our two musical acts this month. [You already know Jason Weems the comedy headliner from his spots on Last Comic Standing and from generally being A Funny Guy]

First up: Amy Bezunartea. She lives in Brooklyn New York but her old-school lonesome sound comes straight from the wide open western spaces of her Southwestern upbringing. It’s like if a coyote learned to play guitar and wrote songs for a nightingale. Deal with it.

All the Things We Were Supposed to Be

* This is the first song I wrote on the piano.  I just started to play this year.  We recorded the song live and it was really tough.  John Agnello was so cool and upbeat though and he just told me to relax and take my time and I got it.

I wrote the song for my friends and for myself too.  It’s really like an “I love you just the way you are” kind of song.


*  I’ve worked with so many really tough, smart girls in restaurants and they’re just the coolest ladies around.  This song was originally inspired by a coworker that I had a huge crush on.  She was the salad girl and she had two other jobs besides that job.  She would work all the time and then just drink a lot and totally party.  I thought she was amazing.  Anyhow, the song is about all these girls, super smart and hard-working, but kind of trapped in this world at the same time.

I Lie Awake At Night (But That’s All Right)

*  This is an old song.  I was in a band with a couple friends in San Francisco when I wrote it. We were called New Model Glow and we played maybe 2 shows.  We worked Sunday brunch together and we would practice afterward and it was really fun.  The song is about that, working a lot but having a good attitude and being happy.
I was lucky enough to have Eve Levine of the original band sing vocals on this recording.  Also, I’ve always wanted to have a song with claps in it.


And now let’s hear from Philadelphia’s Robbie Bennett. Robbie has spent the last couple of years making back up harmony with Adam Arcuragi and guitar-strumming for alt.rock band Automatic Fire. But when we watched him break it down on a series of solo vimeo tunes, Bill Fox style, we knew he’d be a perfect edition to the show. He’s got the kind of high crackling reedy voice that shines especially strong out of a old cheap pair of headphones, so crank it up.

Real Love (John Lennon) –
Recorded in late 2007 on sabbatical at Sunnyview Farms. I cut the song on 1/4 reel you see in the background. The story goes that John Lennon would stay in that room when he visited and right outside the door was where the Rock ‘N’ Roll sessions were rehearsed.

Missedoutonme –
Wilco’s Yankee Hotel Foxtrot was such a huge influence to me at the time I recorded this. If you’ve ever been so sure that someone wrote you off too quickly, that’s what the vibe of this one is.

The Icy Lake –
It was late December and I was obsessed with listening to Vince Guaraldi Christmas carols… I had the idea to merge it with what I thought Harry Nilsson might sing in a sort of “Long ago… far away…” sense.

A Tiny Insect Moves –
I take guilty pleasure in listening to the overture in Back to the Future or Jurassic Park. I’m playing around with some of these ideas to see if they’ll fly when i get closer to making a proper record.

How Are We Doin? –
This is a simple question I think we fail to ask because when you confront the idea, it often changes your life.

Robbie Bennett: How Are We Doin’ from Robbie Bennett on Vimeo.

+1 bonus video!

Robbie Bennett: Not For A Moment from Robbie Bennett on Vimeo.

We’re ready for Thursday. Are you?