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Ahh fall- a time for cozy sweaters, that weird Gingko leaf smell, not knowing which temperature your apartment should be at (heat on too warm! AC on too cold! what to do?!) and a chance to celebrate something that you can eat year round but why not celebrate the play on words that is Fallafel?

Here’s our favorite falafel spots in town (which we double checked to make sure they are open and deliver) to satisfy that craving for ground chickpeas!  Also to clarify we are talking about the ground and fried patties – not whatever this is that came up when I googled falafel recipes.

What. IS. Happening. Anyways here’s our top 4:

Amsterdam Falafel Shop


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Everyone remembers their first Amsterdam falafel, and its magical filling deliciousness. We were crushed when the 14th street location closed but very glad that their Adams Morgan and Lenfant Plaza locations are still operating.



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Okay so we don’t really pick favorites, because there are different falafel that are good for different reasons and different moods! But Shouk’s absolutely crispy on the outside yet flavorful and creamy on the inside falafel balls are good at all times and in any mood. You can or

Falafel Inc


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Falafel for a cause-fel! Ouch that didn’t really work out. We love Falafel Inc for their pricing (everything is under $5) and also that they have partnered with Wold Food Programme so every purchase made helps feed a refugee.



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A fast casual spot out of NYC, Taïm has an herb (but in a good way!) falafel that you can get in a hummus bowl, pita, essentially in a myriad of ways.

Did we miss your favorite? Let us know in the comments.