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Since Svetlana has a hurt leg and is in general unable to participate in the usual activities she participates in, she’ll be watching as many FALL TV premieres as humanly possible (at least one a night) and then, the morning after letting you know whether you should waste your DVR space on them. COOL? COOL. (this will be fun) -ed.


  • STATION: NBC (home of Parks & Rec, 30 Rock  and the like)
  • TIME: WEDNESDAYS @ 8PM (Premiered last night, September 14th)
  • STARRING: Christina Applegate, Will Arnett, Maya Rudolph
  • BILLED AS: a comedy about a family that is not actually a family comedy, targeted at people who hate family comedies but love Christina Applegate, Will Arnett and Maya Rudolph (aka YOU)


The good news is: all the reasons why you loved Applegate, Rudolph and Arnett are justified. They’re smart people and smart actors, they are relatable, they’re not perfect and you REALLY REALLY want to be their friend. The bad news is: I didn’t really laugh too much during the first episode. Granted, sitcoms these days (Parks & Recreation aside) require me to be a little wine drunk and I did just arrive home from seeing TOSCA at Kennedy Center, which was a sombering experience, but while I thoroughly enjoyed it, I couldn’t help but feel the story may have done better on a non-network. It is too nuanced, too bittersweet, too real (when was the last time someone said THAT about a sitcom?) for 8pm on an NBC Thursday.

Having said that, the stage for hijinx to come was set pretty well: Maya Rudolph’s AVA is like an unholy cross between Oprah and Tyra and that will ALWAYS be a fertile ground for humor. Will Arnett’s post-legal-career-now-in-search-of-surfer-friends-stay-at-home-Dad is basically what I see 90% of my friends turning into, and Christina Applegate’s Reagan is real and funny and a little lumpy in all the best ways. AND THEY SWEAR. IN FRONT OF THE BABY. Which, maybe because of the baby, maybe because of network TV gets beeped out, but IS the funniest thing on the show. As of now.

Final verdict: I’m sticking with it. Hopefully NBC does too (Arnett and Applegate after “Samantha Who?” (which is now on instant netflix fyi) and “Running Wilde“‘s premature cancellations deserve it)


check in on my audit of THE NEW GIRL which is that new FOX sitcom with Zooey Deschanel and that awesome guy who played Ashton Kutcher’s best friend in “NO STRINGS ATTACHED” which, granted does not open till next week (Tuesdays, 9pm) but the pilot IS ON DEMAND RIGHT NOW SO, YOU KNOW, WHY NOT?


let me know if the comments what shows you’re excited about/would you like to see reviewed/what you thought of THE RINGER. throw a hurt girl a bone, lets have some internet conversations.