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Since Svetlana has a hurt leg and is in general unable to participate in the usual activities she participates in, she’ll be watching as many FALL TV premieres as humanly possible (at least one a night) and then, the morning after letting you know whether you should waste your DVR space on them. COOL? COOL. (this will be fun) -ed.


  • TIME: Tuesdays @ 9PM, right after GLEE (Premiered last night, September 20th)
  • STARRING: Zooey Deschanel and that awesome guy who played Ashton Kutcher’s best friend in “NO STRINGS ATTACHED” and some other folks
  • BILLED AS: the “ultimate” hipster sitcom (ON FOX!)

First of all, a confession (all TV watching always comes with a confession if you noticed) – while I am fully on board with the whole Zooey-Deschanel-is-the-Michael-Cera-of-cute-indie-girl-acting-business (as in: she ALWAYS, ALWAYS plays the same role) I did watch the pilot for this THREE TIMES (hey, it’s been ON DEMAND for WEEKS). And laughed each time (probably having an additional glass of wine with each viewing helped).

Sure, the premise (by Elizabeth Merrweather, who wrote “NO STRINGS ATTACHED” and is blonde and dorky cute and super succeful at 29 and besties with Deschanel, in case you were keeping tack of that kind of stuff) is pretty goshdarn contrived, but hey, all the sitcom premises are contrived, right? Deschanel plays JESS, a teacher with bad luck in love, an undying devotion to DIRTY DANCING and the best head of hair on Fall TV who moves in with three guys (a jock, a dude and a bro) after she catches her boyfriend cheating on her. Oh and she likes to sing to herself. Oh and her best friend is a supermodel. Oh and you know what happens next. They bond. The boys take her under their wing. They have issues too. But they’re all good and quirky and funny people, so it’s ok! Awwwww.

Now, depending on your tolerance of Deschanel this whole thing is either going to make you want to claw your eyes out OR be super pumped for it. There’s no in between. While I am (against all my internal instincts) pretty pumped for it, we’ll see how it all wears over the course of the season. What’s cute in 22 minutes (“OOOOOOH, PINK WINE MAKES ME SLUTTY”) may grow annoying over the course of a few weeks. Oh, and I guess I should say that the dudes are pretty funny in it and probably the best part about the show: one keeps taking his shirt off all the time (he’s also the one that keeps wearing a pink tie which I am trying to decide is somehow correlated with pink wine statements earlier on) , and there’s a “DOUCHE JAR” and a fair amount of drunk dialing and fake British accented declarations of midnight love.

FINAL VERDICT: OVERALL-kinda scattered, but lovable. Just like you know who.


I’ll tackle REVENGE, which is that sweet looking night time soap on ABC starring Emily De Ravine and Madeleine Kahn making a comeback. LOOKS LIKE The OC crossed with The Ringer crossed with Gossip Girl-in all the good ways.


let me know in the comments what shows you’re excited about/would you like to see reviewed/what you thought of these shows. Throw a hurt girl a bone, lets have some internet conversations.