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All photos by Bradley

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The BYGays are excited to kick off a new era in Capital Pride.  Tuesday, we featured the lady DJs of this year’s official closing party  – mo Erectus: The Evolution of Pride.  This event, co-produced by Brightest Young Things and Capital Pride – looks to broaden Pride’s reach to include those who haven’t traditionally participated in such events in the past.  Along with our lady DJs, the party has attracted some of DC’s most innovative male DJs who are breaking new ground in evolving the nightlife scene in Washington.

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DJ Shea Van Horn (Mixtape, RAW)

Shea Van Horn may be the hottest DJ on the East Coast.  Profiled in the w York Times, fought over by parties in Chicago and New York wanting to book him – Washington’s most popular DJ keeps his head down and his spirit humble.

BYT: You’re such a talent and mainstay of Washington’s nightlife that people forget that you are relatively new to DJing.  How long have you actually been DJ’ing?

Van  Horn: Just three years, but my experience has been great. Initially, I organized my (mostly gay) parties at non-gay spaces like Dahlak, DC9, Rock & Roll Hotel, and Jimmy Valentines. Now, I also throw parties at The Green Lantern and EFN/Motley Bar.  I always make it very clear to the management at the beginning of the planning process that the crowd is going to be mostly LGBT just to make sure we don’t run into any challenges. Everyone has been very supportive and cooperative.

BYT: How has Pride evolved for you?

Van Horn: I’ve been going to Pride events since I was 18  and living in Seattle. I’m still a fan of Pride. I still think it’s important to celebrate the LGBT community. I still get teary-eyed when I see PFLAG or newly married gay couples march. As far as Pride events go, I think this year’s party is going to be different than previous years. With so many DJs playing, you’re going to hear a wide variety of music ranging from pop to alternative. Everyone will hear something they love. And there will be dinosaurs. Hello! How much fun is that?!

BYT: What makes a good party?

Van Horn: Fog and lasers!  I’ve been jokingly told that I use too much fog at my parties.  I even fogged up my house for an afterparty.  You could see the lasers, but you couldn’t see the kitchen from the living room three feet away.

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DJ MAJR aka Mikey Adolphson (SHIFT, Siren)

BYT: Most gays know you from your hugely popular SHIFT party at Cobalt.  But, we hear you’re planning something new.

DJ MAJR: Yes.  Aaron Riggins and I will be hosting Siren at Apex on the second Friday of the month.  It’s a great opportunity to reinvigorate that space with something new and a different crowd.  Our first party is next Friday (June 11) and will be a great preview to Homo Erectus on Saturday!

BYT: What’s been your experience as a gay DJ in DC?

DJ MAJR: The DC party scene two years ago, when I was laying the groundwork for SHIFT, was quite different. I worked tenaciously to convince club managers that times had changed and they didn’t have to play down to the gay scene.  People forgot how to be daring.  So, like most complaints in life, you can either wallow in your discontent or change things for yourself.  I think gay DC is doing that.

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DJ Matt Bailer (Mixtape, Peach Pit)

BYT: Tell us a little bit about your DJ experience.

DJ Matt Bailer: I’ve been sharing music with people since I was 10 years old, but I’ve been working as a DJ in DC since 2004, when I started as a VJ at Omega and as the DJ for Capital Roundup, an organization that sponsors events for people in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.  I like to play pretty much anything that will make people dance, which includes but is not limited to progressive house, alt-pop, electro boogie, new wave, and of course, the 90’s.  People can’t not dance to the 90’s.

I have to say I’m looking forward to dropping my own 2010 remix of that prehistoric gem from 1989, “Walk The Dinosaur”.  Hopefully it will make people open the door and get on the floor.

BYT: How has Pride evolved for you?

DJ Matt Bailer: My experience with Pride in the past has been a positive one, but one that I don’t necessarily feel the need to repeat year after year with limited deviation.  I love the fact that there are now alternative options for those of us who feel compelled to try something different for Pride, and I’m honored to be a part of one of those options.  Dare I say it, this year, I think I’ll actually be proud of Pride.

Matt Bailer will bury your ears in hot lava beats: tickets today before they go up!


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DJ Bil Todd (RAW)

BYT: Tell us a bit about the music you will bring to Homo Erectus.

 DJ Bil Todd: It seems that 90% of the “new” music I’m spinning is actually older than me, and I’m a sucker for anything with handclaps or strings, so my style is rooted somewhere between disco/alt/electro.  I’m thinking my Pride set will be some campy classics and fun jams, with a few randoms here and there.  Let’s dance!

BYT:  How has Pride evolved for you?

DJ Bil Todd: All of my past experiences with Pride have been positive ones, from DC to New York, and I hope that continues this year.  We have a lot to be celebrating!  So, if anything, I just want everyone to relax and have a good time.  Talk to people you don’t know, and check out some DJs you haven’t heard before.  Keep the love alive and strong.

Bil Todd will be wrestling in our tar pit: Buy tickets today before they go up!


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DJ RAD (Pink Sock, Hot Box)

BYT: Tell me a bit about being a gay DJ in DC.

DJ RAD: I never really set out to be a gay DJ, but I’m gay and have a lot of gay friends, and that’s just how things kind of worked out. What’s been really fun has been getting the straights to venture into our world and vice-versa infiltrating theirs. Pink Sock occurs every third Wednesday at the Wonderland Ballroom in Columbia Heights, a bar with a typically straight clientele. We often see many of their regulars happen upon our party and it’s fun mixing things up and brining everyone together. I hope to see alot of our straight friends at Homo Erectus.

BYT: What is your favorite dinosaur or pre-historic figure?

DJ RAD: Does Jesus count?  Sarah Palin said that Jesus and dinosaurs walked the Earth at the same time and I have to admit that he’s pretty sexy.

DJ RAD looks good in a loin cloth: Buy tickets today before they go up!


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DJ TMY (Maison, Hot Box)

BYT: How long have you been DJ’ing?

DJ TMY: I started DJ’ing at the Duplex Diner in 2008 and branched out from there.  I do a lot of straight parties, but I also host Maison with Shea Van Horn.  My sets tend to be a mixture of nu-disco, French house, hip hop and electro.

BYT: Favorite dino?

DJ TMY: My favorite dinosaur is a brontosaurus, mostly because of my love for Littlefoot in the epic movie, Land Before Time.  I don’t trust sharptooths.  Long live longnecks.

We’re DJ TMY to dress like Bam-Bam: Buy tickets today before they go up!


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