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Hey, it’s me, Megan! The one who has felt (like so many others) super goddamned bummed out (read: devastated, even) since Donald Trump was elected POTUS! I’ve spent the past year taking a lot of rage walks, during which I walk (with rage) around NYC for miles while listening to a playlist that starts off angry and gradually works its way into posi-vibes territory, until the release of endorphins and the upbeat tunes meld so seamlessly together that I realize (with some degree of shock) that I feel slightly better about the dumpster fire that is 2017! And YOU CAN, TOO!

Here is every single Posi-Vibes Playlist (ft. JUST the feel-good tracks from my RWs) that’s been released on BYT for your emotional benefit over the past horrific year, meaning TWENTY-NINE sets o’ great tunes just for Y-O-U (read: MOSTLY ME!):


Until next time (or at least until 2020), STAY POSI!