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I realize there are much bigger, much more fucked up fish to fry during this pandemic than the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest, and I totally get why it was cancelled. But that doesn’t mean that it didn’t feel like a DAGGER THROUGH MY HEART when they officially announced that it was off. 

And while nothing can replace the pure magic and pageantry of a live showdown, Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light will air in its place this Saturday, plus countries across Europe (and Australia) are stepping up to the plate to bring us some special stay-at-home programming as a consolation prize. (THANK GOD FOR THAT, AT LEAST.) So we’re going to talk about all of that right now!

Before we get started, note that you might not be able to access everything due to location restrictions. (Example: last year I had to settle on watching a Eurovision stream in Swedish because Sweden was one of few countries I could find that was lax on foreign viewership.) That said, this might be a good opportunity to look into a VPN; they’re primarily used to provide extra cyber security, but an added bonus is being able to switch up your country settings, thus opening an entire globe (literally) of digital streaming. (Not a bad quarantine investment, IMO.)



In addition to screening Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light, RTSH is gonna be showing videos from the semi-finals on May 12th and 14th, and viewers can vote on who they think would’ve won the whole shebang. 


SBS is dedicating this whole week to Eurovision madness with a lead-up to a presentation of Eurovision 2020: Big Night In! on May 16th at 5:30am ET; there’ll be a video countdown of fan favorites from 2020’s entries, plus special guests including Australia’s own Eurovision 2020 contestant, Montaigne. They’ll also show Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light on the 17th starting at 6:30am ET.


Scope a special screening of Austria 12 Points – the Song Contest Success Story on May 16th at 2:15 ET on ORF1!


Catch VRT’s Eurovision Song Celebration May 12th through May 14th on een.be, and/or tune in on May 16th at 3pm ET for a screening of Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light.


BNT will air classic Bulgarian Eurovision entries from May 12th to the 16th, all leading up to a showing of Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light at 3pm ET on the 16th.


There’ll be a special tribute to this year’s Eurovision and past entries from Cyprus in the half hour leading up to CyBC’s presentation of Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light at 3pm ET.


Like Austria, Estonia’s going the 12 Points route w/  12 punkti! Eurovisiooni hitid (ft. all their favorite moments throughout Estonia’s Eurovision history) on May 15th at 1pm ET.


Finland has a couple of days of programming planned! Yle is set to show Euroviisut 2020 on May 14th ft. the Finnish audience’s top ten Eurovision Song Contest video picks from this year’s entries, plus there’ll be special performances and guests.  Euroviisutoiveet will air on the 15th and will feature studio guests and live tunes from Finnish Eurovision stars, and  Eurovision Studio goes live on the 16th with past Finnish participants and hosts! This all comes in the lead-up to a broadcast of Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light live on the 16th.


In addition to screening Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light on the 16th, at 5:10pm ET France 2 will be showing La Grande Histoire de l’Eurovision ft. loads of former French commentators who’ll be reflecting on 65 years (THAT’S A LONG TIME) of Eurovision history.


The German Eurovision Finale will showcase the nation’s top voted entries, and it’ll air live on 16 May at 2:15pm ET. Then, at 4pm ET, they’ll air Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light.


Israel will be showing its documentary series Dare To Dream about last year’s Eurovision in Tel Aviv on May 11th, 12th and 16th, all in the run-up to Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light.


Nothing too exciting from Italy (to be fair, they’ve had their hands full with more important things), but if you want to watch Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light in Italian, they’ve got you covered with that on the 16th at 2:35pm ET on Rai 1.


Just before Latvia’s Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light presentation on the 16th, they’re going live with talk show special Eirovīzija 2020. Studijā Samanta Tīna ft. Samanta Tina, their 2020 rep! Starts at 2:20pm ET.


Tune into  NRK starting at 10:40am ET to check out what Norwegian viewers voted as their favorite song out of the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 entries, and then watch their stream of Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light.


Before its screening of Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light, Slovenia will go live with Pesem Evrovizije: Najboljših 25, a showcase of Slovenian Eurovision entries from 1993 to 2019. Tune in at 2pm ET on TV SLO 1.


Aside from showing Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light, Spain is going HARD with the Eurovision programming, offering daily marathons of full Eurovision shows dating from 2004; this is set to go on through the 15th! Scope RTVE.es for all that action.


Sveriges Tolva will air live at 3pm ET on the 14th, and it’ll feature 25 finalists who’ll be voted on by viewers. Then, at 3pm ET on the 16th, Sweden will go live with Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light. Tune into SVT for both programs.


Starting at 2:10pm ET on the 16th, Switzerland will broadcast Die Schweiz am ESC – Dramen, Siege, Emotionen in advance of Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light. SRF, RTS and RSI are all offering streams.


In addition to showing Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light, Ukraine will go live at 2:45pm ET on the 15th with Eurovision of Eurovisions on UA PBC; it’ll take a look at Ukraine’s past Eurovision performances starting from 2004.


BBC4 will show 2015’s Eurovision at 60 at 4:30pm ET on the 15th, plus scope Dana – The Original Derry Girl at 6pm ET. On BBC1, meanwhile, the one and only Graham Norton will host Eurovision: Come Together at 1:30pm ET on the 16th before a 3pm ET screening of Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light. You can also switch on BBC2 at 5pm ET on the 16th for Rylan Clark-Neal’s narrated guide to all things Eurovision from A to Z, and at 6pm ET there’s TOTP2 Goes Eurovision.

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