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Europe has brought us many great things:

Cheap Monday Jeans
Irish Dance
Non-chalant attitudes toward sex
The Beatles
The Feudal System
Fancy German Cars
A place to base your drunken college “backpacking” trip on
Hans Christian Andersen
Death Metal

Continuing in this grand tradition, the European Union along with AFI bring us an assortment of wonderful films from 25 of the 27 EU countries (no Malta or Cyprus boohoo). As always, expect some of Europe’s box office hits of the year along with Film Festival winners, foreign language Oscar submissions, documentaries and several hidden treasures. The festival runs from November 6th til the 25th, which gives you plenty of time to pick a film and head over to Silver Spring. No excuses!

Here are some interesting previews in English:

Moscow, Belgium ( Aanrijding in Moscou), Belgium
A driving accident leads to an interesting love triangle!

Zift, Bulgaria
Gritty neo-noir style drama filmed in black and white about Communist Sofia.

A Christmas Tale ( Un Conte de Noel), France
Family dysfunction at its very best.

El Greco, Greece
Greeks rule. Music by Vangelis ( Chariots of Fire anyone??)

Gomorrah, Italy
The Italian mafia in its original state. Based on a novel but based on real life. Scary

Loss, Lithuania
Lithuania and Ireland cross paths in this melodrama about love and loss. Looks sad.

Katyn, Poland
Wait no, this looks sad. Communist cover ups.

Festival opens tomorrow. We’re going. More details @ http://www.afi.com/silver/new/