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I didn’t do a “free movies” post this week, but really, all you need to know is this:

Who says life isn’t fair?

This is a little known gem of a fact but National Gallery of Art hosts a children’s movies on sporadic weekends (“Hansel and Gretel”, “Its raining cats and dogs” played in the past) but this weekend they have their big blockbuster moment
On Saturday at 10:30 am
and Sunday at 11:30 am
you get to see on the big screen what I would like to call the best family film ever made.
There, I said it.
Sue me.
E.T. is the first movie I have ever seen in the movie theaters (things used to get to Eastern Europe a little later than most places so I was almost 4 by the time I first laid my eyes on it) and I remember being both enthralled, terrified, enthralled AND TERRIFIED. Elliot and Gertie find E.T., hide him, try to help him phone come, fight some evil government types and take the most magical bicycle ride of all time. Try to resist it, I dare you.


This is the movie that was both a box-office sensation, nominated for Best Picture (did not win) and made Drew Barrymore into a star at the tender age of 6. It has influenced everything from all your kindergarden friends to “Goonies” to “Harry Potter” in a sense that it allowed children to be TRUE HEROES.

The chance to relive it on the big screen (even if not as big as this movie probably deserves) AND FOR FREE, this weekend is well, not to be missed.
So, don’t miss it.