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We were so delighted when Zachary Z. Handler reached out to us with his amazing photo essay, “ERRANDS: a shelter-in-place portrait series from my home to yours.” This is what he told us about the project, which he started on April 18th, 2020 with the first image you’ll see below:

“Here’s how it works: I call people – strangers or friends – on video (FaceTime, etc.). We have a little wellness check to be sure someone has asked them, ‘How are you?’ today. Then I set-up my phone somewhere in my house – atop laundry, in my freezer, or I’ll build a diorama and create a little world – and then I take their portrait.  Art has always been my way, the only way, I know how to take care of myself and of others. The challenge was how to engage with people during such a scary, unprecedented time. I knew I couldn’t leave my home, no one could, really, and so began ERRANDS.

As of this morning, I have photographed over 265 people from across the globe – from Baltimore, Maryland to Los Angeles, California, from Chiang Mai, Thailand to Harare, Zimbabwe, from Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico to Razanac, Croatia – ERRANDS have been magical, educational, sad, profound, and joyous, every single time.”

Check out a selection of photos below, and be sure to follow along with Zachary on Instagram (@zzhandler). You can also watch a live taping of an ERRANDS shoot with the London Photo Festival and Alvaro here.

Khalid – Middle River, Maryland USA

Emma & Sean – Walkersville, Maryland USA

Tina – Baltimore, Maryland USA

Justin – Baltimore, Maryland USA

Grant (Hao-Wei) – San Ramon, California USA

Elaine – Baltimore, Maryland USA

Yim – Chiang Mai, Thailand

Steven – New York, New York USA

Delaney – Baltimore, Maryland USA

Michael – Indiana, USA

Rebecca – Williamsburg, Virginia USA

Jose – Washington, DC USA

Roni (Mom) – Hamburg, New Jersey USA

Zeljko and Daniel – Razanac, Croatia

Kara – Baltimore, Maryland USA

Alvaro – Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany


All photos used with permission from Zachary Z. Handler