End of the World Video of the Day: Apocalypse Now (And All the Time)
stephanie | Dec 19, 2012 | 4:05PM |

The Mayans predicted that the Earth will experience a global cataclysm on December 21st, 2012. Do not believe NASA or those skeptics, our epic BYT End of the World event— featuring incredible appearances by RAC, Ghost Beach, Lightwaves, Brett and more–could be your last chance to party. EVER. So what are we doing to prep? (Aside from stockpiling all the Nutella for our fallout shelters, you mean?) We’re revisiting some of our favorite End of the World videos for survival Pro Tips and inspiration, though on the eve of our destruction, all we can think about is PANIC.

Well, panic and how fucking awesome it looks in movies when a giant fireball hits the earth. Here’s an epic apocalyptic supercut of total chaos and destruction from 38 movies: