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Not too long ago, I briefly interviewed a talented young woman. Hopefully, she’ll soon be playing in D.C.

By Leah Cohen

Remember this name: Elle King.

The 19-year-old’s piercing voice and heartfelt lyrics will captivate you.

“I feel completely at home when I’m performing, and it gives me the biggest rush,” says the singer-songwriter. “So, I’ve pretty much always known I wanted to be a performer.”

Brooklyn-based King, who was born in Los Angeles “to some crazy, wonderful parents,” moved to New York when she was 11 years old.

“My amazing step-dad was the lead singer in a kick-ass band called Bob City,” she says. “He was from New York, so he moved us with him.”

King, who just finished her “pretty outrageous” first year of college, explains that he was the one who put a guitar in her hands. “I practiced until my fingers bled and sang until my voice went out,” says King, who has been writing music since she was 13 years old.

She’ll be rerecording her songs and dropping an album as soon as she can, she says. In the mean time, fans can check out the video for “No One Can Save You,” a song King wrote after “a really heart wrenching time.” Her friend, filmmaker Jason Druss, directed the recording.

“We had a blast,” she says. “[We] made the whole thing in 12 hours.”

Today, the performer plays her songs around the New York City area. “I am so excited to be touring,” she says. “It’s really nice that I used to go to these shows, and now I’m playing them.”

King, who is greatly influenced by soul singer-songwriter Otis Redding and Rachel Nagy of The Detroit Cobras, adds that she hopes to tour across the country.

“Music brings me happiness, and I want to feel this way forever,” she says. “I think that means that I’ll be singing and performing for a long time.”


Listen to her songs.