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As you may remember, when Eleanor Friedberger stopped by DC a couple of weeks a go, we all kind of went a little weak in the knees over both her personally and her terrific “LAST SUMMER” record. If you don’t believe us, read this interview and this live review and it will all become crystal clear soon enough.
While here, she was also gracious enough to sit down and hang out with us for some original video content. So here it is: live and acoustic, STARE AT THE SUN, and MY MISTAKES, a perfect balmy summer soundtrack if there was one.

Produced for BYT Media with Goldenbear.tv by Jeff Martin, Shauna Alexander, and Matthew Tanski

  • Film: Matt Tanski, Jeff Martin
  • Video Edit: Jeff Martin
  • Audio Edit: Matt Tanski
  • Audio Consult / Design: Hays Holladay of BlueBrain

Thanks to Merge Records and Warner Music Group