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all photos: Jane Briggs

What can one say that has not been said before?
Every third Thursday of the month, gate 54 @ St.EX becomes a little (read: a lot) more sticky and messy and fun then any other place/party in DC (no proper ventilation will do that to you, but no one ever complains), all because Neal (aka DJ Neville Chamberlain) pulls out his stack of Brazilian records and everyone and their very drunk new best friend decides that they know how to dance to it.

It’s kind of glorious, if you ask me.

Now, I’ve been to all but 2 of these since they kicked off a year and a month a go, and while it is ALWAYS the best of ragers (and the cross-pollination of crowd of everyone from kids still mourning shorts to people on awkward school-night-first dates is my favorite in the city), lately there has been some sneak-ins of less-than-100%-authentic musica, and while I understand that there may be some crowd pleasing pressure, it is still awesome to see that no matter what it is the classic “Hey Magdalena” call-and-response that gets everyone at their most sweatiest.

Special props out to Chaim and Johnathan for powering through this every month behind the bar.

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