Eating Your Way Through Superbowl XLVI: A Round-Up
svetlana | Feb 3, 2012 | 10:30AM |

Rumor has it,  there are two teams playing against each other this Sunday, in a game involving the ol’ leather pigskin. Perhaps you’ve heard of it: Super Bowl XLVI, or Super Bowl 46, if you don’t remember your Roman numerals. Supposedly, it’s to be a match of epic proportions. Or something.

Now, those two teams this year are The Patriots (who are, it seems, in the Super Bowl always and make the whole thing a little less thrilling from a sports-viewing perspective) and NY Giants (who I don’t have an opinion on, really). The game is taking place in Indianapolis. None of these facts spell for particular culinary excitement, unless we were to go with the imaginary scenario that Indianapolis is a mere 45 (fantasy) min or so away from Pawnee, Indiana (the home of “Parks & Rec”) but even I know this is sort of reaching. Still, here is Ron Swanson eating to get this going:

Now, food is really what SUPER BOWL is all about. Food and commercials. Only no one cares about the commercials anymore because they’ve been leaking all over the youtubes faster than a Lana Del Rey album. So–food it is. Courtesy of some nice blogs around town, here are some suggestions on how to keep things fresher and more flavorful come this Sunday. YAY!

  • First of all, you may as well admit defeat now, because there is no way your spread is beating THIS:

  • Conveniently enough, DC MEAT WEEK closes this Sunday, so you can start the day strong and preferably with some BBQ.
  • DON’T WANT TO BE AT HOME? Catch the game at Cafe St. Ex’s 2nd annual Beer Bowl & Trivia, El Centro DF’s rooftop viewing party, or Fuel Pizza’s Hot Wing Eating Contest, all starting at 5 pm (VIA Girl Meets Food)
  • Or if you need more suggestions, this Ask Miss A round-up has a pretty good across-the-board “choose your own superbowl adventure” option list including everything from watching it on the BIG SCREEN at Arlington Cinema and Drafthouse, free hot dogs @ State Theatre, and more.

  • STAYING IN? For those hosting Super Bowl parties this weekend, Red Apron is offering a bunch of special items such as bacon cheddar slider patties and half-smoke slider patties in addition to their regular lineup of meats. Ordering is available online until tomorrow with pick up at Planet Wine or the Dupont Farmers Market. (via Eater)
  • Courtesy of WASHINGTONIAN: a list of best places to get New York or New England style take out. Sure this often comes down to pizza and lobster foods BUT who are YOU TO say NO to pizza or lobster foods. BONUS IDEA: with seemingly a new Pizza place opening every day (Going out Gurus have a nice round-up of those)-maybe it is THE RIGHT TIME to have a DC PIZZA OFF in your living room? (just a suggestion)

  • ONE STOP CHICKEN WING SHOP-The Post has a round-up of recipes allowing you to make your own wing smorgasborg, feat. everything from LA BREA Tar Pit chicken wings to Grilled Orange Chipotle wings to more classic suggestions.

ok, on that note-we’re going to go eat NOW but let us know in the comments if there are any other useful links for surviving this weekend’s foodball festivities. THANKS.