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Whether you know Tittsworth as a friend, a world traveling DJ, through Twitter, or while running his club U St. Music Hall you know his obsession with culinary oddities. In his travels he gets into local cuisine at it’s strangest.

Check out this video of him in Shanghai eating live moving octopus:

Fried up moths in Australia:
He had just gotten back from DJing in China a couple weeks ago and thought it was a good time to share the contents of his fridge and kitchen. I stopped by to take a look inside.
When I got there, Jessie was still packing the fridge with his findings.
Pretty empty fridge. Jesse and his roommate rarely cook at home and if they do, it’s usually ingredients purchased recently for a specific meal. The hot dogs you see are those served in U Hall’s tasty Pho dog.
Various dried peppers in a wide range of intensity.
Fried pork skin that Jesse says actually tastes pretty good. Is that a toy? Oh yes, he has toys in his fridge. It’s that serious.
More food toys, an exotic fruit or nut (?), some water, and a partially eaten blueberry pie. He offered it to us but we weren’t really sure after seeing the pork skin.
The bowl on the bottom shelf contained random animal products. You can clearly see the chicken feet on top.
Duck liver, gizzard, heart, or neck are your choices, complete with a cartoon duck on the packaging so you know what creature you’re eating.
He wasn’t quite sure what was in the red tube but if we follow the duck theme, that cartoon lion must mean there’s lion meat inside.
Freezer’s pretty barren. A Gatorade and more hot dogs from U Hall.
Using milk for the teeth and a pink liquid for gums you can make your own frozen dentures!

He decides to finish the blueberry pie.

He showed me some of the spices and canned goods in his kitchen including sriracha which he eats on just about anything. He then started dividing the pink sugary powder in the middle into baggies to give to his friends. That reminded me of something.

The cans? Oh just grasshoppers and caterpillars.

Before we left he offered what I thought were miracle fruit but they seemed significantly smaller. We each ate a couple. Our mouths were immediately flooded with a numbing, tangy sensation. It was one of the strangest tastes and feelings which ended up lasting for about 15 minutes. I wanted to test out tasting foods with my mouth in this condition but ground lion meat wasn’t something I wanted to try at that moment.

I left his place with my whole mouth tripping out and thinking about all the foods I saw realized that what you eat from Tittsworth is all at your own risk.