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Welcome to BYT’s newest “hot damn, how could I live without this” column, Eating Out. We’ll be highlighting one food or booze special event every night of the week. From the best happy hours in the city to the uber expensive $500 per person tasting menus, there is something good to eat or drink every single night in this city and we want to help you find it. And yes, we get the joke.

Little Sesame Summer Dinner

If you’re a hummus fanatic with $50 to spare and an interest in Israel, then look no further. Little Sesame is taking over the Edit Lab for a night of hummus, cocktails and conversation. You can expect an Arak and watermelon punch and an insane amount of seasonal hummus and warm pita.

thursdayANXO Anniversary Party

Happy birthday to D.C.’s only cider-y! Leave work early and head over to take advantage of their extended happy hour featuring half off pintxos and select drinks, then enjoy a free txotx (which is a sip straight from the cider barrel). They’ll have every Anxo cider that has every existed available, and for those of you who need to take a cider break, there will also be a ton of beer as well as all the grilled food. What a good birthday party.


4th Annual Bastille Day Celebration @ Le Diplomate

If you’re going to celebrate Bastille Day you might as well go all out and party at the best French restaurant in D.C. There’s going to be live mime performances, accordian music, new bread debuts (and if you’ve had Le Diplomate’s bread you know this is something to celebrate), St. Germain frozen drinks, an ice cream cart and so much more. It’s going to be a magical and terrifying experience. Mostly because of the mimes.

saturdayDC Scoop @ Union Market

Do you like free ice cream? Do you like watching people who have spent their entire lives honing their passion lose a competition? Then make your way over to Union Market for DC Scoop! There will be all the free samples your heart desires and there will be a competition to see who has the best ice cream. Participants include Trickling Springs Creamery, Carmen’s Italian Ice, West Ray’s Finest, Dolci Gelati, Ruby Scoops, Milk Cult, TropQ, Love ’n Faith and more! You’ll have a brain freeze for the rest of the day.


Fried Chicken Picnic @ Hill Center

Do you really need to know more?

Your week looks delicious.