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Welcome to BYT’s newest “hot damn, how could I live without this” column, Eating Out. We’ll be highlighting one food or booze special event every night of the week. From the best happy hours in the city to the uber expensive $500 per person tasting menus, there is something good to eat or drink every single night in this city and we want to help you find it. And yes, we get the joke.

Mardi Gras Fest @ Black Jack

It’s Fat Tuesday which I think means you can eat whatever the hell you want and not have to worry about it. And if it doesn’t mean that then whatever. Black Jack is celebrating with happy hour specials all night long, plus special Mardi Gras specials, plus $25 shareable punches. SWAGFUNK will be playing some sweet tunes while you get absolutely obliterated. What a time to be alive.

Meet Your Farmer Happy Hour @ Dew Drop Inn

After Tuesday night you’re going to need to calm it down with a chill and informative happy hour at Dew Drop. Hang out with a local farmer and learn more about CSA’s. I never care more about being healthy and turning a new leaf than when I have a hangover and I’d bet money you’re the same. Treat yourself to a Rowdy Rye because we all need a little hair of the dog.

thursdayFirst Year Party @ Archipelago

D.C.’s only year round tiki bar has been open for a full year and they’re throwing a big old party to celebrate. Expect a roasted pig and all the piña coladas you could possibly drink. I can’t imagine a better way to spend a Thursday night.

fridayTequila & Mezcal Festival @ Oyamel

From February 27 to March 12, Oyamel is celebrating it’s annual Tequila & Mezcal festival, which aims to highlight specialty liquors and brands you might not be able to find and enjoy otherwise. Between the paired dinners and the complimentary tastings, it’s a great stop regardless of your budget or prior knowledge. Try the Wahaka mezcal. It was a personal favorite.

saturdayMeet The Makers @ Union Kitchen

One of the best food events of the week, Union Kitchen is showcasing D.C.’s food making community. Get to know your super talented neighbors all while trying their products. Vendors include SWAP (get a bag of swapples! They’re really good!), Compass Coffee, Laoban Dumplings, Element Shrub, Mason Dixie, Al Volo and plenty of boozy drinks from Green Hat, Republic Restoratives, Anxo and more. If you don’t leave full, you’ve fucked up.

sundayParatha Class @ Pansaari

It’s Sunday. You’re going to want to keep it low-key and fun, so swing by Pansaari to learn how to make some delicious Indian food. This week they’re teaching you how to make paratha, which is basically just bread stuffed with vegetables and spices. Who doesn’t like bread?

Your week looks delicious.