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Welcome to BYT’s newest “hot damn, how could I live without this” column, Eating Out. We’ll be highlighting one food or booze special event every night of the week. From the best happy hours in the city to the uber expensive $500 per person tasting menus, there is something good to eat or drink every single night in this city and we want to help you find it. And yes, we get the joke.

Royal Knights: Nightmare Before Valentine’s Day @ The Royal

Kick off Valentine’s Day the right with all bitter’s cocktails, Fatal Attraction, and Tim Burton Valentine’s cards. This weeks guest bartender is Rachel Sergi of The Next Whisky Bar and all of the new cocktails are $8 only. Cocktails made of bitters are starting to get popular in D.C., so hop on the trend first and show off how cool and aware you are to all your friends. Or just enjoy things like a regular person that doesn’t have to make everything a competition. Either or.

Restaurants That Don’t Take Reservations

You waited and procrastinated and now you’re stuck on one of the busiest restaurant days of the year without a reservation. Lucky for you, there are plenty of excellent places in the city that don’t require an OpenTable account to get in.


Post Valentines Beer Dinner @ Gordon Biersch

You probably spent all of Tuesday night drinking rich wine and lapping up sugary cocktails, but sometimes you just want something hardy and solid. Gordon Biersch understands. They’re throwing a European inspired beer dinner with European beers and food. Tickets are $40 per person, which isn’t super crazy for a beer dinner. In fact, you can just celebrate Valentine’s Day here instead.


Meet the Distiller @ District Distilling Co. – UPDATE, THIS EVENT HAS BEEN MOVED TO MARCH 16

Learn all about the distilling industry as head distiller Matt Strickland and Colin Spoelman of Kings County Distillery talk about making booze. Enjoy bites and tastes of both Strickland’s and Spoelman liquor as you explore DDC’s beautiful space. If you consider yourself a booze connoisseur, or you just want to support one of the local guys, this is your best bet. And then go upstairs to eat the chicken and biscuits because you need them in your life.


Wine Tasting & Exploring Authentic Indian Appetizers @ Pansaari

Expand your knowledge and dive head first into pairing wine with authentic Indian cuisine! The folks ate Pansaari will lead you through an understanding of terroir, sustainable agriculture, and more while you sample a variety of Indian appetizers.


Brass And Bass Winter Party @ Ivy City Smokehouse

Get drunk and dance in a space that sells food, so this technically counts.


Laoban Dumplings @ Compass Rose

This is one of the best food events of the week. We’ve had Laoban Dumplings and can attest to their deliciousness. Make your way to Compass Rose and fill yourself to the brim with pork cilantro, Xinjiang lamb, grilled bok choy shiitake, wild mushroom, and khachapuri (!!!) dumplings. Finish it all off with a round of cocktails and you’re good to go.

Your week looks delicious.