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Welcome to BYT’s newest “hot damn, how could I live without this” column, Eating Out. We’ll be highlighting one food or booze special event every night of the week. From the best happy hours in the city to the uber expensive $500 per person tasting menus, there is something good to eat or drink every single night in this city and we want to help you find it. And yes, we get the joke.

The Summer of Sour Series @ The Sovereign

The Sovereign is your sour beer destination this summer. Swing by for a taste of beers from the Blegian brewery Drie Fonteinen. Their lambic brews are unlike anything you’ve ever had before, plus, nothing says summer like getting drunk off of something sour in a dark basement bar. Sunshine and margaritas are totally overrated.

thursdayHeineken AfterWork @ The Brig

Make your way on down to South West to party it up with the BYT crew and Heineken. There will be a doggie pool with dog treats on site, so please bring your pups. For the humans, there will be discounted Heineken and Heineken Lite all night long and the first 50 people who stop by get a free beer! What could be better than dogs and beer?


Truckeroo @ The Bullpen

Truckeroo is a classic, a good old fashioned standby. If you love eating a lot of different foods and soaking up the sunshine, look no further. Not to mention, this could be one of your last opportunities to hang out at The Bullpen before it’s turned into a massive building filled with condos that nobody can afford. How fun!



Taste of Studio @ Studio Theatre

Get up close and personal with one of the District’s best theaters at Taste of Studio. Expect bite and drinks for more than 30 local vendors, an outdoor beer garden with live music, a flea market and some fun and flirty WIG OUT! sneak peeks. It’s a great combination of theater, food and music all in one place.


9th Annual Rickey Competition @ Jack Rose

D.C. is a city that loves to brag about its traditions. We proudly support half smokes, mumbo sauce and go-go music, but on Sunday, we celebrate the Rickey. D.C.’s signature cocktail, this combination of booze (sometimes gin, sometimes whiskey), lime juice and soda water is refreshing as hell and basic enough that almost anyone can make it. Jack Rose is pitting some of D.C.’s best bartenders against each other and we can’t wait to see who comes out on top.

Your week looks delicious.