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Welcome to BYT’s newest “hot damn, how could I live without this” column, Eating Out. We’ll be highlighting one food or booze special event every night of the week. From the best happy hours in the city to the uber expensive $500 per person tasting menus, there is something good to eat or drink every single night in this city and we want to help you find it. And yes, we do get the joke.

tuesdayDay of the Dead Dinner @ Oyamel

Oyamel’s Day of the Dead party is one of the best booze and food related events of the year. If you didn’t get the chance to go, I recommend snagging a ticket to their dinner tonight, featuring Day of the Dead food and drinks with Mezcal Cranero and 123 Organic Tequila. There will be five full courses of delicious food and booze, not including tastings of the mezcal and tequila. Starting off the month full of Oyamel’s guacamole and drunk off of mezcal sounds like a good plan to me.


wednesdayThe Jester King Showcase @ The Sovereign

I only really go to Georgetown for three reasons, 1. My dad is in town and he wants to go to a bad bar on M Street. 2. BYT is making me. Or 3. To visit The Sovereign. On Wednesday they’re featuring the brewery Jester King. There will be kegs of rare beers like Atrial Rubicite, a barrel-aged sour beer, and Space Waves, a farmhouse ale that was a collaboration with Jolly Pumpkin.

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thursdayDrink @ The Royal

The Royal has debuted a brand new winter drink menu, featuring coffee drinks and just regular drinks. Our favorite coffee drink was the Open Sesame with sesame paste. Our favorite boozy drink was the house made pumpkin amaro.



Capital Harvest on the Plaza

You can only eat out so many days a week. Check out the farmers market downtown and get some food you can make at home like a real adult with kitchen skills.


saturdayDC Beer Festival

It’s not Beer Week… It’s not Snallygaster… It’s something different and yet basically the same! For $45 you get unlimited tastings of all the represented breweries, including local breweries (like Hellbender) and non-local breweries (like Founders). There’s also going to be bocce. It’s an Italian lawn sport.



Champagne Week Kickoff @ Proof

Not into beer or mezcal or tequila? Then Proof might have just what you’ve been looking for. They’re hosting the kickoff party to D.C.’s “Champagne Week” which I didn’t know was a thing. There will be plenty of flights and (probably) plenty of food. If there isn’t plenty of food, you should order some. Champagne headaches are the worst.

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Your week looks delicious.