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Speedy Ortiz is about to finish up a month long US tour. They performed in DC last night and are playing a show tonight in Baltimore at Metro Gallery with one of Charm City’s best bands: Hive Bent. Philly’s Bleeding Rainbow and Epiphone Dolphin guitar collectors Roomrunner are also on the bill. Instead of talking about stuff like how solid the new full length is (it is), how tour is going, yadda yadda blah blah blah, all I really wanted to know is some of the best food they’ve had on tour. Here’s a quick top ten list guitarist, singer and songwriter Sadie Dupuis shot my way.

I was eating Taco Bell when I came up with this idea. I’m about to eat Chinese food. Go see Speedy tonight and see if you can ask them more about number 4.

Unanimous favorite burritos
Unanimous favorite tacos
Actually, all of Austin
Mac vs. cheese vs. Marvel vs. Capcom
The actual Best Coast and this time it doesn’t suck
We now recognize the full potential of nachos
And anywhere else that puts hummus on a taco
Food truxxx
Put cereal on a hot dog, it’s all good
Non-guests pretending to be guests at the guest buffet
In case you haven’t heard Speedy Ortiz, you should listen to Speedy Ortiz. Start here…