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Straya Day 2019 is coming up THIS SATURDAY the 26th! We obviously aren’t blessed with the summertime warmth of the Southern Hemisphere here in the Big Apple, so I’d recommend loading up on Tim Tams (pro-tip: they sell them at Target) and hunkering down to binge-watch Kath and Kim on Netflix.

HOWEVER, if you feel inclined to layer up, then take a breather and check out one of several great Australian restaurants NYC has to offer! (No, I am not talking about Outback Steakhouse! Although I will defend the deliciousness of the Bloomin’ Onion to my death!)

Little Collins

If you’re in the mood to kick your day off with a light brekkie, then Little Collins is worth the Upper East Side trek. They’ve got Vegemite toast on the menu (an item that’s kind of hilariously called “The Convict”), plus they take their coffee (espresso and pour-over) VERY SERIOUSLY, so you’re sure to walk out with the energy of three thousand cassowaries! (PS, if you don’t know what a cassowary is, it is a very large, very scary Australian bird!)

667 Lexington Avenue

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Ruby’s Cafe

Ruby’s also comes through with the Vegemite toast, but we’re here for the major burger vibes! I’m gonna have to go ahead and recommend the Whaleys variety (since the menu is impressively extensive) for its inclusion of ye olde traditional pineapple, beets ‘n fried egg as toppings. (Very reasonably priced at $14.) If you’re still stuck on brekkie, rest assured that they’ve got a big one ft. toast, bacon, eggs, ‘shrooms, baked beans, tomatoes, greens ‘n a hashbrown, too.

219 Mulberry Street

442 3rd Avenue


Additionally, you can get your burger ‘n breakfast fix at Dudley’s, where they’ve got a solid Bronte on the daytime and brunch menus ft. sweet chili sauce and Swiss cheese, and the Works (ft. the aforementioned pineapple/beet/egg shebang) is served specifically at brunch. Meanwhile, the Big Brekkie also comes with two eggs, bacon, mushrooms, baked beans, roasted tomatoes, hashbrowns and toast, and it’s served on both the daytime menu and at brunch.

85 Orchard Street

DUB Pies

Short for Down Under Bakery, this spot is your go-to for some good old fashioned meat pies ‘n sausage rolls! Their brick and mortar is in Brooklyn, and there you’ll find all sorts of menu options to satisfy your cravings. (Pretty meat-heavy, as you might expect, but vegetarian items like the spinach and cheese roll and the vegetarian breakfast pie are available, too!)

211 Prospect Park West

Burke and Wills

“But what about the kangaroos, Megan?!” Well, I don’t personally feel inclined to eat a kangaroo. (I also don’t feel like the majority of Australians do, either, although they’re allegedly being urged to in the name of population control.) But if YOU do, then by all means, head on up to Burke and Wills on the UWS for either the kangaroo pie (served at brunch) or the kangaroo burger (served at dinner)!

226 West 79th Street

The Australian NYC

You can also get kangaroo at The Australian NYC served skewered, in burger form or in a salad, but I’d prefer to direct your attention to the Tim Tam sundae they’ve got on their dessert menu for $8. “Double layer malt chocolate biscuits smashed and layered with Tasmanian vanilla bean ice cream, fresh whipped cream and chocolate sauce.” HELL YEAH.

20 West 38th Street

The Thirsty Koala

And finally, now that we’ve entered dessert territory, IF you’re not a Tim Tams kinda guy (I am 100% a Tim Tams kinda guy), then there is no better place to get your sugar fix than The Thirsty Koala in Queens. Yes, you’ll have to make the journey out to Astoria, but it’s honestly not even that bad! (Stop being so one-borough-dimensional!) They’ve got everything from lamingtons to caramel slices to pavlovas, and all of it’s made in-house. YES, PLEASE!

35-12 Ditmars Boulevard

And whatever you end up doing…