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We ran this piece before Easter 2014. It was one of our favorite pieces of the year, let alone spring, so here it is again, in all its Costanza glory. -ed.

Easter Sunday is impending – and while we’re way down with HAM and BUNNY EARS (and of course all things Cadbury), our favorite part of this particular Holiday might just be the opportunity to reconnect with what was maybe our ideal palette as kids – the almighty Easter Egg. So, we decided to pass out a carton of cardboard Easter eggs to local artists. Have a peep at what they returned. The results are eggcellent (GET IT?).

GIFs!PHOTOS! by Jeff Martin! – photosbyjeffrey.com


Rose Jaffe is an illustrator and portrait artist born, raised and currently residing in Washington, D.C. By day she works as the full time art teacher at Parkmont School and by night she illustrates, screen prints and paints. The content of her work is focused on the human form with themes of political activism; specifically working to empower women of all ages find their creative voice. She is the co-founder of 2B Artist Studios in NE DC and along with showing her work at great DIY art spaces in Washington she has exhibited in galleries and publications nationally and internationally. Follow her work: @rose_inks on Instagram and Twitter.


Gabby Cherney is a freelance illustrator and caricaturial cartoonist. Some of her work can be found on her tumblr: TheChabe.Tumblr.com.


M. Gert Barkovic is an installation artist & designer (with a certain project, MUTINY DC)


Kelly Towles is one of Washington, DC’s most notable emerging artists. Towles has exhibited in numerous shows, including a critically acclaimed show at David Adamson Gallery which represents renowned artists such as Chuck Close and Jim Dine, as well as shows at the Pool Trade Shows LOOP space in 2008 and 2009 in Los Angeles. He has exhibited large scale installations in the famed Manifest Hope, Manifest Equality, Re:form School and Submerge. Towles has also created murals for U Street Music Hall, Toki Underground, DC Brau and Graffiato. Towles works depicts people dealing with the society in which they live and the emotional arsenal with which each person is equipped. Striking characters with physical deformities and masked identities reveal Towles’ vision of how individuals deal with the world around them. Towles lives and works in Washington, DC.


Carolyn Becker is a recent graduate from American University with a BA in Studio Art and a minor in Marketing. She enjoys making art, going to punk shows, thrift shopping, and walking the cement sidewalks of DC. Her work engages with the tradition of self-portraiture. In her most recent works, she has moved from conveying the self-portrait literally, to depicting the figure in a fragmented, amalgamated manner. In her “portraits,” Carolyn’s love for fashion, painting, vibrant color, and pattern combine to create collaged images of abstracted, figurative structures that symbolize the self. Scale is imperative to Carolyn’s work; the large scale of Carolyn’s recent paintings critique and counter her petite stature.


Marie B. Gauthiez sees her work as fragments of conversation without direct interlocutor. She questions the difficult moments in our relationships with other and their impacts on our emotional and physical selves. She observes the life course of organic shapes, drawing their change of state (from alive to dead), either isolating them or regrouping them, as if they were mimicking human behaviors. Those works tend to be more abstract. She mostly works in 2-D in painting, drawing, printing; collages old photographs, using acrylic or oil, on paper or on wood; sculpts using wax and found/recycled materials. She has little care for the materialistic aspect of the creation, but deeply respects its psychological aspect, the maieutics of it.


Morgan H. West is a visual artist, stylist, and creative lifestyle blogger in Washington, DC. Working primarily with vintage, found, and repurposed materials and textiles. Her work has been displayed at The Embassy of France, The Textile Museum, and the Former Residence of the Ambassador of Spain, and in the window of the flagship brick + mortar of Anthropologie’s wedding brand, BHLDN. She has contributed work to and had her various projects featured by Design*Sponge, Refinery29, Apartment Therapy, MAKEzine, Nylon Magazine, Washingtonian Magazine, and The Washington Post. She is co-founder (with her friend Virginia Arrisueño) of Topaz + Arrow, a monthly DIY workshop series that’s part communal craft session, part social event.


Elizabeth Graeber is an artist and illustrator whose work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and Anthology Magazine, and on Design*Sponge, Panda Head Blog, and Nothing in the House. Her work has been commissioned throughout Washington, DC by galleries, retail, and restaurants, including Pleasant Plains Workshop, Bakehouse, and Pyramid Atlantic Art Center. Elizabeth has illustrated multiple books and zines, most notably PIE: A Hand Drawn Almanac, and An Illustrated Guide to Cocktails, published by Gotham Books.