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Every Thursday at 9 a.m we mail you our Best Weekend Bets. Those weekend picks go live on this site at noon. You kind people use it to plan your weekend. You also use it to know what train wrecks to avoid. Think of this as your Early Week Best Bets.

We’re giving you 9 options each day to make sure you don’t have an uneventful night. Unless you want an uneventful night. That’s why we’re giving some staying in picks.

Monday, January 8


There are more workout options per person in D.C. than any other city in America (We’re not 100% sure about this but based on what we see, we’re working out more than anywhere else). The best is SWEAT. It’s not a big gym (there’s nothing wrong with big gyms, big gyms are great when you’re not exactly sure what you’re doing). It’s not crossfit (there’s nothing wrong with crossfit) or spin (there’s nothing wrong with spin) or yoga (there’s nothing wrong…you get it, we just want you to get your heart rate up in a relatively healthy way). The reason why we love SWEAT is because of its founder/coach/motivator Coach G. He’s the type of person that makes you actually want to sweat, pun intended. Sometimes it’s easy to want to work out. Sometimes it’s not. Coach G makes the bad days easy and the good days harder, which is good when you’re working out.

The main reason Coach G is so great isn’t his education (he has a master’s degree in Exercise and Health Promotion from Cal U.) or certifications (National Athletic Trainers Association, National Strength and Conditioning Association, National Academy of Sports Medicine, National Association of Speed and Explosion, an advanced exercise nutrition certificate from Human Kinetics). It’s because he actually played pro basketball in Europe. It’s difficult to not want to perform for someone that’s traveled the globe because of their athletic prowess. He’s no bullshit without coming off like mean guy. He’s the only type of trainer that makes me want to train.

For more workout suggestions, check out our Class for the Classless feature.

CULTURE: Angela J. Hattery and Earl Smith – Policing Black Bodies: How Black Lives Are Surveilled and How to Work for Change @ Politics and Prose at The Wharf

We’re recommending this for three reasons. 1. The book is on my reading list, 2. It’s a good excuse to check out the new Politics and Prose and 3. It’s more important to read more in the new year than anything else. Try to read 52 books this year. You can do it.

FILM: WPFS: My Mom’s A Werewolf + The Gift of Winter & Witch’s Night Out @ Smoke & Barrel

Every Monday the WPFS, Washington Psychotronic Film Society, screens free films you’ve most likely never seen. I have not seen My Mom’s A Werewolf. You haven’t either. Don’t lie.

FOOD + DRINK: Morton’s 40th Anniversary

Steak restaurant and steak institution Morton’s turns 40 this year and celebrates this week. Come back later for our appreciation and observations on what it’s like to stick around through thick and thin, administration after administration on Connecticut Ave.

FREE: NSO In Your Neighborhood @ Dance Palace

We’re rich with free culture. Today we’re recommending seeing the National Symphony Orchestra in an unconventional venue. For free.

MUSIC: The Wombats, Blaenavon, Courtship @ 9:30 Club

Before they open for Weezer and The Pixies this summer, see The Wombats in D.C.’s best rock club.

OUTSIDE: Bonsai Exhibit: Winter Silhouettes @ U.S. National Arboretum

We adore the National Arboretum and this exhibit. Revisit our October 2017 First Look. It’s calming.


STAGE: Mundane Aight Comedy @ The Passenger

We’re recommending this because Kevin Tit hosts it and he’s great. He’s great because he’s also in punk bands so he’s not just a sad comic. All comics are sad. The ones with outside interests are the least sad in public.

STAY IN: The End of the F***ing World on Netflix

The BYT staff emailed each other over the weekend about how great and amazing this show is. I have not started. Since I want to have my job next week, I will watch it this week. You’ll want to watch it so you know what this gif means.

Tuesday, January 9

ACTIVE: Beer Yoga @ Port City Brewing Company

Work out (kind of) and support a local business.

CULTURE: Peter Ginna – What Editors Do @ Politics and Prose

There’s no better time to find out how a gud editor can fix previntable erors.

FILM: Charade @ Suns Cinema

See the Audrey Hepburn classic and come back Thursday for BYT Muder Club.

FOOD + DRINK: Prosciutto Tasting Event @ Pitango Gelato

The newest Pitango location, conveniently located in Adams Morgan, is more than sweets. In fact, when we stopped by when they opened in October, the thing that made us least interested in the gelato. It’s good but the savory options are great. Their prosciutto is great. This tasting is a good excuse to eat delicious meats in a gelato shop.


FREE: Meditation and Mindfulness @ Freer Gallery of Art

Meditation should be encouraged and practiced on a daily basis. So we’re encouraging you to sit and not think.

MUSIC: Jeffrey Lewis & Los Bolts, Staffers @ Union Stage

Jeffrey Lewis’ brand of low-fi singer-songwriter pop is perfect for headphones on rainy days. It’s supposed to rain this week! See him in D.C.’s newest venue.

OUTSIDE: Ice Skating @ National Gallery of Art

It’s not as brutally cold and it’s not supposed to rain. It shouldn’t be closed due to inclement weather and Tuesday is the least tourist-y day in D.C.

STAGE: The Humans @ Kennedy Center

This four time Tony award winning play by Stephen Karam is one of our most anticipated plays on the season. It opens tonight and runs through January 28. That’s not a long run.

STAY IN: Read When to Jump by Mike Lewis with foreword by Sheryl Sandberg

We recommended this book in Your Best January. It’s available beginning today. Jump. Jump. Remember Kris Kross?

Wednesday, January 10

ACTIVE: Yoga in Luce @ Smithsonian American Art Museum and the Renwick Gallery

Practice the ancient art of stretching on the second floor of a museum.

CULTURE: Daniel Pink @ Sixth & I

The author of When speaks at and is billed to, “Unlock the scientific secrets to good timing to helping you flourish at work, at school, and at home.” I bet the secret is to be on time. People don’t like late people.

FILM: I, Tonya and Lady Bird @ The Avalon

D.C.’s only nonprofit film center is screenings two Golden Globe winners and two probable Oscar winners. Hopefully Metcalf will win the award McDormand took home at the Globes.


We’re recommending a lunch at RASA because it’s in the same neighborhood as our next pick. We hope RASA is the future of fast casual.

RASA Preview-9

FREE: Essential Bike Maintenance Clinic @ Conte’s Bike Shop

Hey, it’s not freezing out! And it’s a new year which means you’re supposed to work out! Fix your bike and you’ll ride your bike!

MUSIC: The Killers, Alex Cameron @ The Anthem

Super sold out because the 20-somethings that fell in love with “Mr. Brightside” are now 30-somethings with Eric-Roberts-in-the-“Mr. Brightside”-video-money.

Image result for mr brightside eric roberts gif

OUTSIDE: November Project @ Lincoln Memorial

Every Wednesday the November Project organizers two early morning workouts at the Lincoln Memorial.

STAGE: Jokes That Give Back: A Standup Comedy Show @ Drafthouse Comedy

An extremely affordable comedy show full of locals with all proceeds going towards NARAL Pro Choice America.

STAY IN: Get Out on HBO Go

This was nominated for a Best Picture Comedy or Music Golden Globe. Not a comedy.

Image result for get out gif