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North Dupont, towards Kalorama, is a bit of a wasteland. Sure there’s Russia House and Bistro Du Coin, but in terms of retail there’s a serious dearth of stores you actually want for shopping.

Well things are looking up: Dupont now has another shop that peddles used books, cds and vintage clothing. Readers, meet Kultura. Allow me to pull a Prince of Petworth and please excuse the cellphone photos. This shop is in the old FUTONS! space, and though I’ll dearly miss shouting “FUTONS!” I think it’s a better fit.


I chatted with the owner briefly who said that Kultura opened three weeks ago. He owned another used bookstore on Connecticut years back, but packed up and moved out west for four years. Kultura is his return to DC and the retail scene.

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The books are in good condition and though sparse, show promises of a bigger selection. The downstairs is currently being stocked and shelved so it looks a wee bit bare. The upstairs is bright, flashy, and full of things to look at.


The vintage clothing, all two racks of it, also show some promise. Think Meeps-style clothes at somewhat less than Meeps-style prices. I found a pair of khaki-and-purple striped suede pants for $20, and a hilariously insane pair of zebra print skintight jeans. Some lovely cardigans were in stock, as well as a $125 suit from Nordstrom with a sign that proclaims “possibly a Chanel.” Maybe, maybe not, but I look forward to seeing where this place goes.