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We get 10,000 emails a day from shitty bands trying to get us to cover their shitty show or review their shitty album. I spend most of my day just deleting stuff from my inbox (that’s why we don’t have time to copy edit BYT). But for some reason this caught my eye. Something about an under 5ft tall 22 year old chick shredding on guitar. There was a link to a youtube video. I’ll shut up now so you can just watch and be as amazed as I was:

Um, awesome.

They have a show this Sat, 03.28.09 @ Kay Center Basement (American U). I was totally stoked for the show and then found out that Ponytail and Mittenfields are playing too. Bonus! If you can’t make it (there is a lot going on Sat, but this is early, see flyer below) they have a couple more coming up in May:

05.18.09 – Richmond, VI @ The Czar (all ages)
05.21.09 – Baltimore, MD @ Charm City Art Space (all ages)

I asked the band to send us a list of their top 10 favorite things, and gave them an example of mine:

10. Triceratops
9. hieroglyphics
8. Jurassic Park
7. King Crimson
6. nougat
5. Paleontology
4. Lawn darts
3. staying regular
2. just-in-time manufacturing
1. lady stingin’

and this is what I got back:

10. Pregnant – Wanna See My Gun – 7 inch – Don Giovanni Records
9. The Brokedowns/ Sass Dragons – split 7 inch – Let’s Pretend Records/ Cassette Deck Records
8. The Vibrarians – Red Light – 7 inch – K Records
7. Stupid Party – Stupid Party – LP – Freedom School Records
6. SLAW – A Step Up & Beyond – CD – Slaw Records
5. Cheeseman & the Toilet Rock Family – Postmodern Impressionist Paintings on the Walls of Meat Town – CD – Train Records
4. Blink 182 – Enema of the State – CD – MCA Records
3. Edith Piaf – Greatest Hits – Ipod
2. Creedence Clearwater Revival – Cosmo’s Factory – LP – Fantasy Records
1. Hot Sauce – condiment

They sent over an advance copy of their new album Power Move, which is out 4/7/09.  I wanted to stream some tracks off it and asked them to give us a little commentary as if they’re writing the liner notes to the Screaming Females Power Move 20th Anniv Box Set. Here are the first 3 tracks:

Screaming Females – Power Move – 20th Anniversary Edition (1 of 10)

When this record was first released in 2009 the world was a much different place.  First of all records and CDs were pressed in runs larger than 10, the public had yet to completely stop buying music.  This record was also of great note for being one of the last to not use the auto-tune effect (see Cher and T-Pain).  On this point, listening to a recording without the auto-tune effect may take some getting used to but since you are one of 10 people buying this we guess you are prepared for the challenge.  Also this album was released just prior to the world economy collapsing entirely, all the fresh water being used up, and the great Beef poisonings of 2010.  Mike Judge’s Idiocracy was still viewed as a comedy.  Enjoy!