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The Tiki trend is still alive. In fact, it’s more popular than ever in D.C. In addition to a year-round Tiki bar, multiple pop-ups and summertime specials, the second annual Tiki Trail kicked off yesterday.

Throughout the month of August, twelve bars will be serving special Tiki cocktails. Drinkers can obtain a Tiki Trail DC treasure map at any of the bars. Once all twelve clues on the treasure map are collected, the secret location of the end-of-the-trail luau on September 2 will be revealed. Confused? All you really need to know is you’ll be seeing more Tiki specials on local menus.

At Barrel, McClellan’s Retreat, and Truxton Inn, you can continue to enjoy drinks from PoliTiki, which means you can drink out of presidents’, and one advisor’s, heads.


Here’s what you may not want to read: Donald Trump is more satisfying than Barack Obama.

The Comb-over, a cocktail consisting of Don Q Anejo, C & R Dry Spiced, Guava Nectar, lime juice, coconut cream and Orgeat and served out of a Donald Trump inspired Tiki glass, is everything I want in a Tiki drink*. It has ingredients I don’t have at home, tastes tropical, and is served in a glass the staff has to worry about getting stolen. Of the cocktails we sampled at McClennen’s Retreat, it was the most Tiki satisfying drink next to the Hurricane or Horizontal Mambo.


The Obama-mama isn’t bad. Made with Hamilton Jamaican gold, Cotton & Reed mellow gold, Plantation O.F.T.D., lime, simple syrup, grapefruit, and cardamom, it has a smoother but not as interesting taste as The Comb-over.


The Steve Banananon hits hardest, the drink with the strongest taste of alcohol. It does not hide its intoxication. Steve Banananon does not hide its intoxication. Look at the glass. Steve Banananon does not hide its intoxication.


If you’re not keen on drinking out of political mugs, Tiki Trail DC will benefit Island People Recovery to help citizens of Puerto Rico affected by Hurricane Maria. If you really want a PoliTiki mugs, no need to steal, they’ll be available to purchase at Barrel, McClellan’s Retreat, and Truxton Inn.

The twelve participating bars are Archipelago, Barrel/PoliTiki, Copycat, Co., Cotton & Reed, Bar Charley, Farmers, Fishers, Bakers, Good Silver, Jack Rose, McClellan’s Retreat, The Passenger/Hogo, Service Bar, and Truxton Inn.

*Just the liquor. I don’t necessarily prefer cocktails served out of POTUS inspired drink-ware.