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Do you like drinking and helping people at the same time? Then get into the Bentzen Ball spirits and check out these amazing bars, in partnership with our official cocktail sponsor, Smirnoff! Enjoy a drink before and after each of our shows and a $1 of each drink will go to our non-profit partners Whitman-Walker Health or Human Rights Watch.

1201 U St NW
Get the “Macadamia Chi Chi,” originally from the 1960’s this rare vodka based tiki drink includes Smirnoff Vodka, macadamia liqueur, and coconut cream.

Service Bar
928 U St NW
Grab a Rhubarb and Rose Vodka soda or a Shiso and Strawberry, featuring Acqua di Cedro, Lemon, and Smirnoff Vodka.

Nellie’s Sports Bar
900 U St NW
Go for the “Can You Believe” grape cocktail.

Destination Wedding
18000 14th St NW
Order the “Balls of Fire” with Smirnoff Vodka and spiced cinnamon ginger beer.

Destination Wedding also doubles as our official after party location, if you’re looking to spot one of our amazing comedians, this bar is your best bet.

Please drink responsibly, and take a Lyft home (also our festival partner)

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