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Photos By Farrah Skeiky

Jack Rose Saloon is one of our favorite places in DC. We love it for their cocktails, their scotch selection, their Tiki Bar (returning this summer), their whiskey cellar and their beer. So it made perfect sense to have Jack Rose Beer Director Nahem Simon to write a Drink Diary for BYT.

Say hello to Nahem and the rest of the Jack Rose staff this Wednesday for the New Belgium Snapshot event.


10:30 am – Enjoy a large cup of coffee from Pleasant Pops to start me off since my body is still adjusting to the time travel effects of daylight savings time.

1:15 pm – A visit from Legends Distributing Rep. Tim Schliftman (and his unruly hair length) yields my tasting some Left Hand Brewing Company beers: The Polestar Pilsner which, while branded as a German Pilsner tasted more like a Czech style, and the Left Hand Milk Stout Nitro bottle; nitrogenized beer without a Nitrogen widget inside. I’m pretty sure they probably used liquid nitrogen but apparently, they will never tell. Secrets, secrets are no fun…

1:45pm – Pop open a Coke bottle from terrace. Think about having some water but I’m pretty sure that at least coke is comprised of 10% water so it must be somewhat healthy for me. Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor.

4:30pm – Tim Shliftman returns to taste our mixologists Trevor Frye and Nick Lowe on Ballast Point Barrel Aged Three Sheets Rum, which was tasty cause it was whiskey-ish and Hurricane Rum, which had tasty notes of molasses. His hair is still unruly.

6:30pm – Giant sugar-free Red Bull goes down the gullet. Heart resents me, but I ignore its fist shaking complaints.

11:30pm – One of the perks of being a nerd of beer and having great friends in the beer world like Martin Wetten is that if you love a beer like the Het Anker Maneblusser, people like Martin will bring in said beers exclusively for you. This is one of my top favorite beers and exclusive on draft at Jack Rose in the US of A. As I enjoy this shift beer, I hang out with some of our staff: Jason Sanchez, Brooke Franklin and Lori Holtz.

12:30am– We all swing by the Blaguard and I enjoy a 3 Stars Peppercorn Saison.

1:00am – Shots of Makers for all! Huzzah!

Nahem Drink Diary Jack Rose Brightest Young Things Farrah Skeiky 07


11:00am – Another giant coffee from Pleasant Pops to fend off the lurking fatigue from my professional alcoholism.

12:30pm – Ryan Curley stops by with the New New Belgium Ranger, Grant Smith. Drink some New Belgium Snapshot. Discuss our upcoming BYT/ New Belgium Snapshot event, which we’re hosting on the 26th.

2:00pm – Matt Heffernan, from Boulevard Brewing Co. (now a part of the Duvel Moorgat USA umbrella) swings by. We drink some Boulevard Rye-on-Rye (American Rye beer aged in Templeton Rye barrels for 10 months) and Foeder Projekt #1 American Wild Ale while figuring out the details to our DC launch of the 3rd Ommegang Game of Thrones Beer. T’will be a day of where nerds of beer and nerds of 20-sided dice shall celebrate the 7 kingdoms of Westeros.

5:00pm – Samantha Newman, Events Manager for Premium Distributors DC, stops by with the new Chimay Distributor Account Manager Will Benonis. We talk shop and drink a smidgen of Chimay White on draft. Baking-spiceingly delicious!

10:00pm – Get done with my bartending shift and pop over to the other side of the bar to join my old friend Carl Cowan’s going away party. I pop open a bottle of the Perennial La Boheme to share with Carl and Jess Kamen, an old friend from back in ye olden days. It is sooo good! Tart and tannic, brewed with Michigan cherries and aged in wine barrels for two years.

11:00pm –A glass of Perennial Hommel Bier is enjoyed while catching up with some friends from the before times, in the long, long ago Drew Bennett, and Shannon Thomas.

Nahem Drink Diary Jack Rose Brightest Young Things Farrah Skeiky 02Nahem Drink Diary Jack Rose Brightest Young Things Farrah Skeiky 12


4:00pm – Cup of coffee from Pleasant Pops, late start to my day off.

4:30pm – More New Belgium Snapshot Wheat is enjoyed with Ryan Mauter, Mid-Atlantic Field Brander for New Belgium Brewing Co. and the Microbiologist mastermind behind the Snapshot, Drew Bombard. We drink some Snapshot, their newest year-round beer we’re launching in DC on the 26th. But this is only the beginning of the night…

5:00pm – Victory Brewing Co. beers are enjoyed with their capitol area sales manager Sami Myers. Victory Prima Pils starts off the trio of beers, which I hadn’t had in forever but never disappoints; Victory Dirt Wolf Imperial IPA, follows with its whole-flower hop fresh flavor and incredible intensity. I finish up with some Victory Storm King which is always a perfect roasty treat.

6:00pm – I arrive at Bluejacket and meet up with Greg Engert, beer director for the Neighborhood Restaurant Group and he starts off my night there with an Orange Line Witbier brewed with black pepper.

6:40pm – Drink a Double Date, Belgian Dubbel, while Greg and I entertain ourselves with our witty repertoire and our penchant for revelry.

6:50pm – Get sat for dinner with an old friend, Emily Vaughn. I drink some water in preparation for the onslaught of drink and food to come.

7:00pm – 9:30ish- Managers Ryan McCullough and Zach Shelton (or is it Max…it was the one twin that doesn’t look like the other…) proceed to wonderfully bombard us with an array of Chef Kyle Bailey’s amazing food with Greg’s beers paired alongside.
Appetizers: Crispy Chickpeas and Pickle Pot paired with Clockwork-a refreshing blonde ale; Beef heart tartare (which I could live off of) paired with the Arsonist Smoked Oud Brune. The sausage plate paired with the Black Eye Robust Porter.
Entrées arrive: Some Cashmere Quadrupel paired with the grilled pork chop and the most amazing parmesan Spaetzle ever. Ist wast unt gud! Everything is awesome and as a treat, we are able to try their new Bretted Saison pulled straight from the bright tank. Amaze-balls!

10:00something pm– We get two of Pastry Chef Tiffany MacIsaac’s amazing desserts: Nutella pie and some in-house made espresso coffee and caramel popcorn ice cream paired with The Betty Imperial Apple Crumble Ale, Bakers Dozen session spiced apple ale, Figure 8 Scotch Ale and Black Eye Robust Porter Cask with Willamette Hops and bitter orange peel.

10:30-esque pm- Erik Bergman, Director of Operations/ surrogate father figure swings by to say ‘hi’ while I cope with my stomach reaching a critical mass of savory gluttony! I always like to have a coffee with a shot of Grand Marnier after a big meal, even though Grand Marnier is sooooooooo 2003. As to compensation for drinking the beverage equivalent to wearing a flannel shirt and listening to Toad the Wet Sprocket, I decide to also drink an Old Overholt neat (cause I’m at a classy dinner).

11:00pm – Head over to Right Proper to swing by and pay a visit to Thor Cheston, owner of Right Proper who may well be 40% made up of Laffy Taffy. I get a Makers and Ginger because I am extremely full. The rest of this hour is comprised of drink and repeat.

1130pm – Fellow beer friend Aaron Morrissey swings by and I try a flight of the Griset beer-Ornette, Laird’s barrel-aged Ornette and Ginavit. Flight enjoyed!

12:30: After a few more whiskey gingers, what’s one more? We change venues and pop over to All Souls for one more for the road.

Nahem Drink Diary Jack Rose Brightest Young Things Farrah Skeiky 04


11:00am – Again I seek salvation in a hot cup of Pleasant Pops coffee since my blood-type is ‘A-positive-ly’ still saturated with the ‘devil’s sauce’.

1:30pm – Bill Catrone from Capital Eagle Distributing swings by with beers to try. He never disappoints in both samples and hilarious banter. Drink some Ace Perry Cider that is spiced with Madagascar vanilla; Victory Headwaters Pale, which is always a great beer; Fordham Gypsy Lager that is awesome, malty and crisp; Victory Swing Saison that is lemony and bright and Tröegs Cultivator Helles Bock, which was smooth with a good malt kick. What a hard life I lead.

3:30pm – Check on the draft whiskey system I built and take the opportunity to taste the Clontarf Irish whiskey. Switching out the whiskey on draft every week has its benefits. Draft Whisperer’s prerogative: make sure everything on draft pours and tastes right. If you build it…you must drink…

6:00pm – At this point in this diary, one would assume I’m sponsored by Red Bull with the many times I’ve mentioned drinking it, but alas, no endorsement checks are arriving while I drink another one to rev myself up to bartend and, in turn, raise my mortality rate ever so slightly.

1:00am – Get done behind the bar and because I’ve lost hours of drinking from bartending AND we kicked two draft lines, I must harness my A.D.D./ O.C.D. abilities to now multitask: I drink a Flying Dog SOB Irish Red Ale while rinsing out the draft lines.

1:20am – I squeeze in a Duvel Single while I dismantle faucets and couplers and scrub them clean.

1:45am – Faucets reassembled, and reattached, I drink a bottle of my motherland’s beer: Imperial de Costa Rica! Run draft line cleaner through lines, and end the night with one of our other exclusive beers: Huyghe St. Idesbald Dubbel.

Nahem Drink Diary Jack Rose Brightest Young Things Farrah Skeiky 05


2:00pm – I wish I could provide a more engaging entry, but alas I coffee it up once more. At this point, my body feels like the 7th seal has been broken and the four horsemen draw nigh…

3:00pm – Rinse out draft lines and ph test them while I drink a bottle of vitamin water. Yes, parts of my life are this dull.

4:30pm – Drink some Brasserie De Silly Sour, as I have the staff taste it during pre-shift. It is an amazing Wallonian sour ale that is only 5.5%. If I didn’t have to bartend, I’d spend a good part of the evening in this EU flavor country.

6:00pm – Coffee, coffffee, coffffeeee, redbullllllllll, cofffffffffeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

1:30am – Squeeze in a Schneider Weisse Original Hefeweizen, and a 3 Stars/ Tim Adams from Oxbow Collaboration: The Danny Green Imperial IPA. Take that sobriety!

Nahem Drink Diary Jack Rose Brightest Young Things Farrah Skeiky 08


2:00pm – Drink a giant glass of water to celebrate my day off. Then realize I have to go into work because we kicked two draft lines, and since my Padawan Assistant beer Director Sean Ryan is bar backing tonight, and being a benevolent beer director, I make lines all shiny. Water is consumed during most of this process.

5:45pm – Drink a Roman Brewery Ename Cuvee 974, which is perfect cause it is a biscuit-malty option just as it starts snowing AGAIN! Also something to occupy myself while I catch up on work needing to get did.

6:15pm – Sticking with the “fend off the villainous grip of winter’s chill”; I drink a Samuel Adams Backwoods Porter, which tastes like a chocolate granola bar. What ever happened to Kudos bars? The 2nd grader in me loved those “healthy lunch options.”

7:30pm – Finishing up the long week, I decide to not move from the comfortable, heated, Jack Rose terrace, and it yields its fruits: Carlo Dan, our AGM and former Grateful Dead roadie gets done and he has a Knob Creek Rye neat for his shift drink. Who am I to allow him to drink alone? I’m no savage. I enjoy one too. And they say chivalry is dead…

8:30pm –I drink a few more beers: Perennial Saison de Lis, Huyghe Delirium Tremens, Foothills Torch Pilsner, and Founders All-Day IPA. As the weather becomes more treacherous, I decide to call it. I throw in the towel; stripped of the ability to function at what modern medicine standards would refer to as ‘alive’, I decide to head home for some much needed rest and sleep-laxation.

9:15pm – I drink a ginormous glass of water and head to bed. Goodnight moon; goodnight stars, goodnight looming cirrhosis of the liver…

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