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Our friends at the Kennedy Center have brought the District of Comedy back. Kicking off this Thursday (AKA tomorrow), the weekend long festival brings some of the best comedians from around the country to the District. Expect heavy hitters like Patton Oswalt and Bridget Everett as well as killer podcasts like That’s So Retrograde and Catie Lazarus’s Employee of the Month.

Before you head over to that gorgeous venue to spend your weekend laughing until you can’t physically do anything else, go get yourself a drink. Or two. Alcohol has never made comedy worse, but it makes a hell of a lot of things funnier.

Hotel Hive – 8 minute walk

Walk into this sleek and minimalist hotel and make a beeline to the elevator. Don’t get distracted by the &pizza on the first floor, because a much better bounty exists on the rooftop where you can drink a local beer (or a frozen margarita. Feeling hungry after pounding all the frosé they have on tap? You can order one of those &pizzas right from the bar and devour it while you look out at some of the best views in the city.

Burger Tap & Shake  – 11 minute walk

If you don’t care about views and aren’t craving a pizza, Burger Tap & Shake is a good bet if you’re looking for some solid drinks (and an awesome burger) before you spend some quality time with Phoebe Robinson. For a casual counter service joint, BTS has a very solid beer selection, including local favorites like 3 Stars Peppercorn Saison and national darlings like Old Rasputin and Elysian’s Space Dust. Foodwise, I always go with the 7 Buck Chuck (RIP 6 Buck Chuck), but the burger of the month (which features brie cheese, burgundy wine bacon and more) is usually a good choice.

Blue Duck Tavern – 13 minute walk

Or maybe you want to go all the way out and make a whole night of it? Hit up BDT for some early drinks and dinner. Cocktail-wise, we highly recommend you hit up their barrel aged selections, but even if you’re craving a high end version of a drink you could get at Seacrets (Orange Crushes for everyone), you’re in good hands. Food-wise, get whatever the hell you want. BDT doesn’t have a Michelin Star for nothing.

Bar a Vin – 14 minute walk

If you’re feeling a little too fancy and lavish to spend your evening eating pizza or burgers, might I suggest the ripped-straight-from-the-French-countryside Bar a Vin? The slightly more casual sibling of Chez Billy Sud, Bar a Vin is a solid spot for a good glass of wine and some refined snacks. So snag a seat at the bar, get a bottle of their finest Sancerre and order cheese and paté your heart desires.

Stoney’s – 15 minute walk

Whether your want to pound five Bud Lites in 15 minutes or you’re looking for a craft brewing experience, Stoney’s can take care of you. Featuring everything from Solace Brewing’s Manhunt Nitro Stout to Narragansett, you can bring (almost) anyone here. After you’re done drinking a beer (or two), grab an order of bar food, like their locally famous grilled cheese (yes, we know you can make grilled cheese any time you want at home, but once your a view beers in it’s hard to resist the call of cheese and bread).