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Last week was basically the best moment of my life, because I got to have dinner with Susan Miller. (I will pause and let the magnitude of that statement sink in.) As you may have guessed, the Astrology Zone guru is the most magical human on the planet (and I’m sure my fellow dinner guests at The Lion would agree), which is why it makes me SO HAPPY to tell you that she is now involved in Dreamcliq, the best dating site of all time (as evidenced by the title of this post); founded by Melissa Jones (who is just THE LOVELIEST person ever, by the way), the site takes the saying “love at first sight” into the digital age in a sleek, completely non-tacky way. (WE NEED THIS, YOU GUYS.)

Photographyby_Jack Belli

Now, let me back up and #REALTALK you for a minute: I have never, ever joined an online dating situation. Instead, I treat Tinder swiping as a spectator sport to be enjoyed while brunching with friends, and I use the occasional creepy forwarded OKCupid message as subway reading material. This isn’t to say I don’t think online dating isn’t a valid way to go about the search for love in a major city (which may as well be the Loch Ness Monster, aka much discussed but rarely seen), but the thought of creating a profile and branding myself as “dateable” makes my skin crawl. In fact, branding myself as ANYTHING makes me a little nauseous (which is why I stopped using LinkedIn a LONG time ago), largely because there’s a definite used car salesman feel to packaging your personality in a few shiny sentences. JUST DON’T MAKE ME DO IT, OKAY?!

Which is where Dreamcliq comes in. The website is designed to scale back on (potentially) corny words and INSTEAD focus almost entirely on visuals; you can import images to your profile from Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, random websites, your computer files…basically anyplace. And these images can be ANYTHING so long as they’re representative of your interests (categories include Style + Design, Music + Film + TV, Travel + Leisure, Art + Books AND one that you can title whatever you want), from photos you’ve taken yourself to movie posters to album covers, which is a nice way to give someone a summation of who you are without having to bust out the fifty-cent adjectives. (Think of it as a romantically-charged mash-up of Instagram and Pinterest, yeah?)

It’s also worth it to note that while certain other dating sites have been receiving flack for having ultra-limited and/or ultra-rigid options for the sexual orientation part of your profile, Dreamcliq eliminates that bit altogether by simply allowing you to select who you’re interested in: boys, girls, and/or secret.

EQUALLY fantastic is that once you’ve found someone who looks interesting to you, it costs $2.50 to message that person initially. If you’re going, “How is that fantastic, Megan? I could purchase two and a half dollar menu items at McDonald’s for that price,” then I am going, “First, probably don’t eat at McDonald’s, and second, I AM ABOUT TO EXPLAIN, CALM DOWN.” The $2.50 price tag is GENIUS, because it eliminates the likelihood of receiving spam from randoms. (I mean, would YOU waste $2.50 on someone you weren’t at least a little serious about getting to know? We’ve already established that’s basically GOLD over at McDonald’s.)

After you’ve spent that initial bit of cash, you can message that person FOREVER free of charge (it will hopefully pay for itself VERY quickly), and if you receive NO response, you get half your credit back to pursue other (hopefully more receptive) users! Of course, if you’re not ready to make the $2.50 move yet, you can always save people you’re crushin’ on to receive their updates, and you can like any/all images from their profile to put yourself on their radar. And when the time DOES come to message that special someone, you can always snag free credits by inviting your friends to join. #VALUE

And let’s not forget about the Astrology Zone aspect, which completely seals the deal on Dreamcliq being the best invention of all time; while Susan Miller generally avoids getting too heavily into matters of the heart, after having met with Melissa she decided that she believed in her AND the project (which is essentially the highest form of approval a person can ever receive) and hence she decided to get involved. (Like, SAY NO MORE, you had me at “Susan Miller”.) She’s written snappy little insights into how you’d “cliq” with other members of the site (everyone’s star signs are included in the profiles), though she IS careful to say that just because you might not get along with a Scorpio doesn’t mean you should ignore your initial interest for the person. “WE ARE MORE THAN OUR SUN SIGN,” she says. (#TRUTH)

If you’re looking for a new and opposite-of-horrible dating site, then, I hope that I’ve made a solid case for Dreamcliq. (It is, after all, the ONLY dating website I have ever joined, which is REALLY saying something.) A bit of advice, though: probably wait until you get home today to create your profile, because between deciding which images to include and/or cruising other people’s profiles, you WILL fall into a black hole, and I don’t want to be held responsible for you getting fired. (Although I guess if you were unemployed we’d have more time to go on dates, so…I take it back.)

Sign up HERE, AND AND AND please let us know what you think about Dreamcliq in the comments and/or on Twitter @BYTNYC! (And if all goes REALLY well, INVITE US TO YOUR WEDDING!)