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Fatback is this Saturday at LIV. And guess what. There’s a new Fatback DJ.

And he’s just as sexy as the rest of the Fatback boys men.

Why don’t you fantasize about them while eating frozen yogurt and listening to Fatback Mix Volume 27.

Download here.


1. “Bad Situation” – 5 Spiritual Tones
2. “You Can’t Change A Man” – Christy Essien Igbokwe
3. “Afrobeat in Power” – Afrodisiac Soundsystem
4. “Party Together” – Tom Noble
5. “Saturday Night Raps” – Dizzy K
6. “Sun is Here” – The Sun
7. “I Like It” – Intrigue
8. “This Beat Is Mine” – Vicky D
9. “The Glow of Love” – Change
10. “Standing on the Top” – The Temptations and Rick James
11. “Welcome to Our World (of Merry Music)” – Mass Production
12. “Dreaming a Dream (Kon’s Edit)” – Larry and the Exciters