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There is only 2 days left to vote your favorites into the First Annual Curbside Cook-off we’re organizing with DCRA and DCCAH on October 7th and 8th.


There are 20 spots in the old convention center parking lot and as of 10 minutes a go here are your:


1. Curbside Cupcakes
2. Fojol Brothers
3. FoodChain
4. TaKorean
5. Pleasant Pops
6. Red Hook Lobster Truck
7. DC Slices
8. El Floridano
9. Eat Sauca
10. BBQ Bandidos

MAKE SURE YOU GO HERE TO VOTE AND KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED FOR ALL SORTS OF EXCITING ENTERTAINMENT (Programming by DCCAH and stage sponsored by vitaminwater) AND REFRESHMENT DETAILS TO COME (A beer garden by Flying Dog, anyone? Thought so)

Curbside-4 Curbside-6 Curbside-5 Curbside-1