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So yes we know….the ten block radius offers many a
quality on the cheap late night/mid afternoon of shopping eating option
(the Falafel place, the hot dog place, the g-spot, ben’s…)
but occasionally one would find oneself in Georgetown
at either 2 am or 2 pm and it seemed that Johhny Rockets
seemed to be a pretty reasonable option for some chili-cheese-fries-with-an-oreo-milkshake etc….

Well, no more. Just as Dan Snyder bought it out, the Health dept shut it down bcse:

The District’s Director of Health, Dr. Gregg Payne, said there were numerous health dangers observed, including:

  • Failure to properly containerize trash;
  • Failure to reduce the presence of rodents;
  • Failure to produce a current license and operating with gross unsanitary conditions that may endanger public health.

On Feb. 27, health inspectors found “recent rodent activity” including “gnawed hamburger rolls.”

Foam sealant to deter the rats from entering through a drain line in the kitchen sink was missing.

Health inspectors found small pieces of foam on the floor near the drain pipe, indicating the rats had burrowed through the opening, according to the inspection report. full story available : here


as an alternative BYT FULLY STANDS BEHIND Emmie and the Georgetown Dinette. For really.real.