If you’ve been on Twitter today, you may already know what I am about to tell you, which is that there is a video circulating of a dog walk-hopping around on two legs, wearing a backpack, and the level of shocking weird-cuteness made me emit a sound from my throat which was sort of similar to dolphin sonar clicking. I don’t know what that means, but it has never happened before, and I can only attribute it to the fact that my brain just didn’t know how to process.

I tried to find the video on YouTube immediately after, and here it is:


But I also  stumbled upon an entire treasure trove of videos of dogs wearing clothes and walking around like people. Even though the owner of the dog in the video above claims no cruelty was involved in training her to walk on two legs (and says she started doing it on her own as a puppy due to a congenital condition), I realize there are inevitably probably some ethical issues here, which hurts my heart to think about and I sincerely hope that there was no mistreatment and instead only lots and lots of treats and hugs involved in training the animals to do this. But oh my god it’s so cute and weird and I am so morally conflicted that I cannot even stand it JUST LOOK:



This is literally all I wanted to tell you. (Sorry and you’re welcome.)