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Earlier last week I told my friend Caroline that, as true amigos, one of us should probably order this hot dog toaster from Amazon. I didn’t think either one of us would actually pull the trigger on the purchase, though, so I was beyond overjoyed when she told me that not only did she order it, but IT WOULD ARRIVE IN TIME FOR OUR ANNUAL OSCARS WATCH PARTY!

And so we came to last night, when I went to her Clinton Hill apartment to test the contraption out whilst watching people thank the Academy profusely.

I’ll admit, it sounds fucking absurd to purchase a toaster that is specifically designed to cook hot dogs. But (and maybe it was the beer talking) weirdly, at $20, I THINK IT WAS WORTH EVERY PENNY! (Granted, they were not my pennies, but you get the idea.)

I was unaware of the next-level-ness that is a slightly charred hot dog bun until last night, but now I don’t think I can ever go back. And I mean, it’s easy AF to use, somehow requires like, zero cleanup, and is, basically, VERY CONVENIENT IF YOU LIKE HOT DOGS AS MUCH AS I DO.

Am I fucking crazy? Is this a gadget that is worthy of existence? Here’s what other people on Amazon had to say:

  • When I saw this product I had to have it. This is the most amazing thing since hot water as far as I am concerned.
  • I never realized how annoying it is to boil and then grill the natural hotdogs we get from a local business. This nifty machine grills both the weiner and the bun in less than 2 minutes.
  • If you’re gonna eat a hot dog, this is the way to do it.

There were obviously some negative reviews, too, but this one was by far my favorite:

  • We learned the hard way what NOT to do- whatever you do- do NOT NOT NOT put Cheddar Filled Bratwurst in this little son of a gun. My son did that (this was one of his birthday presents) The cheese oozed all out and made an interesting mess at the bottom and was a pain to clean 🙁 so do not do what we did…

So don’t do what those people did, but do embrace the impending apocalypse and YOLO! Get yourself this thing which never needed to be made but I am so glad it did!