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Okay, so you will be forgiven for missing this one in case you were busy elsewhere Wednesday night. Given that the Durkl party usually is scheduled for Club Five, and it was moved last minute to the Red Lounge, which is apparently unlisted (if anyone can find it online and send me a link, I’ll send you a casque of Ethiopan wine), it was a testament to the freshness of DJ Chris Burns that anyone showed up at all. Durkl showed of his usual quirky styles by rocking a throwback Jets hat, I think it’s safe to say this cap predates the Chad Pennington era, not that that’s surprising.

Can I just say? … whoever invented the multi-color light glowing disco ball contraption-mace machine, deserves the nobel prize of partying, although, yes, Cale, the smoke machine is also quite worthy.

See all my photos from the night here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dakotafine/sets/72157603955091876/

08_2.20_RedLounge-65 08_2.20_RedLounge-21

I even succeeded in luring my new friend, Mr. Sheldon A. Scott away from his lovely new bar, Marvin, which is just down the street (see above, right).

08_2.20_RedLounge-82 08_2.20_RedLounge-84 08_2.20_RedLounge-2

I happened into DJ 007, who I recognized from the House of Sweden party and snapped the shot below with one of the other DJs whose name I am unawares.


There were are good number of revelers for a Wednesday night, some kids ready to step up to the streets if you will (thanks Svetlana for that amazing review, I am most certainly going to see that now)… not a whole lot of booty shaking, but enough to keep my camera lens a-flutter.

08_2.20_RedLounge-40 08_2.20_RedLounge-58

08_2.20_RedLounge-59 08_2.20_RedLounge-63 08_2.20_RedLounge-44

08_2.20_RedLounge-29 08_2.20_RedLounge-45


08_2.20_RedLounge-54 08_2.20_RedLounge-69 08_2.20_RedLounge-70
08_2.20_RedLounge-1 08_2.20_RedLounge-48 08_2.20_RedLounge-9 08_2.20_RedLounge-13 08_2.20_RedLounge-59 08_2.20_RedLounge-43 08_2.20_RedLounge-72