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In case you missed us last time, we feature the news, events, people, and stores that are putting STYLE back into this buttoned-up city. Also, check out our 2015 Style Round Up for all the best in D.C. style from the most stylish people in town.

Remember last week when we told you guys what to wear to our National Geographic After Hours Takeover? Welp you all DELIVERED (ten irrelevant points to the girl running around with wings on, same to the guy wearing a crown of kale and bananas). Check out all the crazy amazing costumes here.

Tunes We’re Jamming To This Week
Since fall is COMING (so they tell us, as I’m typing this the weather is calling for 90 degree highs), I was THINKING about obviously featuring the Neighbourhood’s now semi fall classic Sweater Weather but then I heard Borgore and Carnage’s Incredible and it’s all I want to listen to because I love bass-y EDM and have no chill.

Fashion News

September 14th – 18th: Mosaic District Fashion Week
Why are we excited? It’s about time D.C. (or the surrounding area) had a fashion week that was somewhat actually relevant. Anything that puts fashion on the map for this town is cool in my book. Here’s what you should DEFINITELY CHECK OUT:
September 14th: Kick Off Party – 6:30 p.m.
That’s TONIGHT y’all. Cool retail pop ups, fashion show at 7:30 p.m., showing of one of my personal favorite fashion movies (even though Raf Simon’s departure from Dior makes this entire movie essentially irrelevant) Dior and I at 8:30 p.m.

September 15: Fall Collection Launch at Madewell – 5-8pm
So since this is the SWEATER edition of StyleFile, it’s a pretty safe bet that I will feature some Madewell sweaters. Especially because there’s so much sweater turnover that it is almost guaranteed that anything you see from the new fall collection will essentially be on sale in about 5 seconds, once they get another shipment of sweaters that look the same but are VERY, VERY DIFFERENT.

September 15: Fashion’s Night Out – 6:30 – 9:30pm
With a Heaven & Hell theme, DJ’s, etc. etc. Wear red or white.
Undeniable Boutique: 2920 District Ave. Suite 140

September 18: Free Makeovers at Bluemercury – 10am – 8pm
I am including this because I LOVE Bluemercury with a fierce passion.
Bluemercury: 905 District Ave Ste 130. Fairfax, VA 22031

STILL HAPPENING: Late September – The Washingtonian Style Setters Party
The Washingtonian’s STYLE ISSUE is out now, which they always celebrate with an incredibly stylish soiree at the end of the month. Check out pictures from last year here.

September 23rd: Washington Redskins Runway Show
Bloomingdale’s 8100 Tysons Corner Center Mclean, VA 22102
Watch the Redskins and their WAG’s saunter down the runway for $100… if that’s your thing.

And now for this week’s feature:

Eventually at some point it’s going to be cold enough to wear a sweater. Here’s how to make sure your woven warm wear is on point this season. 

Because the air conditioning in the office is still on full blast despite the fact that it is 50 degrees outside.
Shop the look:
Left side (Men’s): Dorfman Pacific Plaid Trooper Hat – $15.83, Wallace & Barnes Flannel Shirt – JCREW – $88.00
Right side (Women’s):  Bijoux Heart Deco Blanc Necklace – Net-A-Porter – $975, Herringbone Sweater with Floral Patches – JCREW – $198.00

For brunching it out on the patio because otherwise you’d be waiting for another hour and they’re the only seats that are available
Shop the look: Brunch Money Coin Purse – Wet Seal – $3.90
Left Side (Men’s): CPO Hooded Long Parka Jacket – Urban Outfitters – $89.00
Right Side (Women’s): Moncler Floral Print Bell Coat – $1,630

Shop of the Week: Scout & Molly’s 
2920 District Ave #135, Fairfax, VA 22031
Cute name right? First of all I chose this shop because they are having crazy discounts during  Mosaic’s Fashion Week and since I am always broke because I do things like spend $300 on a bright pink Kate Spade dress that I couldn’t live without. Anyway, I’ve visited Scout & Molly’s and was pretty impressed at their selection, their non-pushy service (I have never felt better saying “nah not my thing”, usually I feel like I would rather just buy an $800 item than admit I don’t like it to the salesperson). Only now Googling it did I realize it’s not local (whoops!), but I’d say it’s one of the choice shopping options at Mosaic.


And that’s it for this week! Stay stylish D.C.!