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Hey there! Welcome to the third edition of District StyleFile. In case you missed us last time, each week we’ll be featuring the news, events, people, and stores that are putting STYLE back into this buttoned-up city.

Fashion News

Our SAAM & BYT Presents: Irving Penn’s Beyond Beauty Opening Party happened! Check out all the gorgeous pics here, here, and here. It was just as wonderfully stylish as we thought it would be. Here’s some fiercely fashionable highlights:

Also as I promised last week, I’m finally going to reveal the dress I borrowed from Rent the Runway! It was an incredible Wintergarden Gown from Parker. It retails for $396, and is hands down one of the most comfortable dresses I have ever worn. From handling event crises, to freaking out with my boss (pictured below), let’s just say I was pretty sad to return it.


In NON IRVING PENN NEWS: There’s a new Pacers Running Store in Navy Yard.
We went to the opening … annnnd it’s still a shoe store.

300 Tingey St. SE #160, Washington D.C. 20003

The store that made glasses cool again, Warby Parker, is opening its second D.C. location in the new retail/condo complex The Shay. The store opens Friday, October 30 and will feature drawings by artist Maira Kalman, as well as a custom photo booth, so you can see precisely just how hip you look in your new oversized frames.

1924 8th St. NW Suite #105, Washington D.C. 20001

151008_Shaw_Interior View 2_Final

SnobSwap DC – Malmaison – November 5 – $20
*STAY TUNED NEXT WEEK FOR MORE SNOBSWAP FUN* From 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., Malmaison, will turn into a shopping wonderland with pop-up stores from the best consignment shops in D.C. Designer brands, cocktails, light bites from local chefs, and- now this part is significant- GIFT BAGS for the first 50 people in the door! Get tickets: here

3401 Water Street NW

Cool D.C. Fashion Instagrammer of the Week: The Fashionably Broke
Prepare for outfit envy, not only will these stylish sisters be hosting next week’s Best of SnobSwapDC, but their Instagram feed will make you wish YOUR sister was anywhere near as fashionable (also mine’s still mad at me for that time in high school I borrowed her favorite sweater, SORRY ARIELLE). They get also get ten irrelevant points for the name.

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 9.45.15 AM

Store of the Week: Kit and Ace
From one of the Lululemon founders (I find it weird that the Lululemon founders are men, is that weird to anyone else?), comes another bound-to-be successful, slightly over priced shop. This time they’re selling “technical cashmere”. Even after visiting the store, I’m still not completely sure what “technical cashmere” is or how it’s any different from normal cashmere, but I can say that after trying on one of their lusciously soft scarves, I can confirm it’s insanely warm and perfect for winter. Prices are a bit high ($148 for the aforementioned scarf) but if you’re looking for some classic pieces to wear all winter, I’d suggest heading on over to the new Shaw store.

1921 8th St. NW, #115 Washington D.C. 20001

Kit & Ace Launch Party. Photos by Clarissa Villondo www.clarissavillondo.com

My co-worker and I trying on them scarves.

Kit & Ace Launch Party. Photos by Clarissa Villondo www.clarissavillondo.com
And you are now all caught up on the D.C. fashion scene! Until next week…