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In case you missed us last time, we feature the news, events, people, and stores that are putting STYLE back into this buttoned-up city. Also, check out our 2015 Style Round Up – for all the best in D.C. style from the most stylish people in town.

It’s BIKINI SEASON! Check out our Outdoor Pool Guide for some tips on selecting the perfect suit.

Tunes We’re Jamming To This Week
Get your SUMMER ON with this laid back re-envisioning of Feel Good Inc.

Fashion News
Everyone in the fashion world got invited to Taylor Swift’s incredibly stylish, Americana filled 4th of July party. The rest of us peasants must resort to following it all on social media and pretending we were there too.
Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 9.05.12 AM
Fendi previewed their Menswear 2017 collection- why does this matter? Because THIS BAG:

July 13th: Designer’s Meet and Greet at Macy’s Metro Center. It’s a party for the newest class of students from the DC Fashion Incubator. Champagne is involved so WE ARE SO THERE.
6pm – 8pm: 1201 G Street NW

OPENING MID-JULY: There’s a new TOMS-esque shoe store coming to Shaw.

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 9.41.32 AM

Also- Miu Miu is the ONLY collection you should care about from Resort 2017- because they DOMINATED.
Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 9.13.05 AM


Store of the Week: Ministry of Supply
It might seem like every day there’s a new opening at The Shay in Shaw. Actually they are just opening things CONSTANTLY over there. But anyways, it’s not every day they open a store quite like Ministry of Supply. The technologically advanced men’s line (in my head I call it SUPER CLOTHING, but I realize that’s not a thing) is so breathable, according to the Washingtonian, you can run MARATHONS IN IT. Also we’ve been told there is free wi-fi.
1924 8th St., NW, Suite 100
Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 9.53.20 AM

And that’s it for this week! Stay stylish D.C.!