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The annual District of Comedy fest is this Thursday through Saturday at The Kennedy Center. For three days stand ups, sketch performers, singers and other funny people will do funny things on stage. Here are 10 of our picks for funny people doing funny things on screens. If they make you laugh at home, they’ll make you laugh in the same room.

James Adomian performs Thursday, July 19

Adomian returns to D.C. with a Bernie Sanders Town Hall. For over four years, Adomian has been channeling the United States Senator. One of the first Adomian as Bernie videos is one of the best. It’s the first debate, held at New York’s UCB in 2015, between Trump (Anthony Atamanuik) and Bernie.

Ophira Eisenberg performs Thursday, July 19

Standup comic/storyteller/NPR host Ophira Eisenberg’s got a new hour of standup that is supposed to be just great and you’ve got the chance to see her do it live! She made her late night debut back in 2013 on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. She crushes so hard Craig brings her over to the couch for a spontaneous interview!

Bridget Everett performs Friday, July 20

Bridget Everett is one of the most exciting, engaging, filthy performers I’ve ever seen. Here’s a perfect snapshot of what Bridget does onstage, captured earlier a few years ago at the Just For Laughs comedy festival. It’s an over the-top ode to affirmative consent that showcases her incredible presence and crowd work skills.

Open Mike Eagle performs Saturday, July 21

Chicago-born/LA-based rapper Open Mike Eagle has plenty of crossover in the comedy world though he’s far from a mere “comedy rapper.” He’s a skilled lyricist with compelling, and sure, sometimes hilarious rhymes, and a great ear for off-kilter production. The music video for his track “Dark Comedy Late Show” features Mike cutting it up with comics like Kurt Braunohler and Baron Vaughn (with whom Mike co-hosts the New Negros comedy/variety show).

Phoebe Robinson performs Friday, July 20

Robinson is half of the HBO show/podcast 2 Dope Queens. Watch entire episodes of 2 Dope Queens on HBO Go or YouTube. Here’s a little taste to get you to spend that real money (or spend time looking for someone’s HBO Go password) for an entire episode.

That’s So Retrograde on stage Friday, July 20

That’s So Retrograde comes to The Bentzen Ball Podcast Studio for their audio podcast. You’ll laugh and learn via the power of speech. Hosts Stephanie Simbari and Elizabeth Kott use the power of visuals to teach you how to correctly roll a joint in this holiday inspired video.

Chris Gethard performs Friday, July 20

Gethard is a comic that has benefited from a new, positive media landscape when it comes to mental health. His performance on The Late Show with David Letterman led to an HBO special of the same name.

Patton Oswalt performs Saturday, July 21

We already recommended Oswalt’s 2017 Netflix special and that’s a much better representation of what you’ll see at The Kennedy Center but his “Star Wars filibuster” cameo on Parks and Rec may be the best improvised scene on one of the best sitcoms of the modern era.

Hari Kondabolu performs Saturday, July 21

Nothing is sacred in comedy. Nothing should be sacred in anything. Anyway, rather than complain about the voice casting of Apu on The Simpsons, Kondabolu made a doc about the problem, The Problem with Apu. You may have heard of it since the doc actually got The Simpsons to address the issue. Hank Azaria was even asked about it on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Employee of the Month with Catie Lazarus on stage Saturday, July 21

Jon Stewart was a guest on Employee of the Month. Ezra Klein will be a guest on the July 21 show. Ezra is sorta like the Jon Stewart of Vox.