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The annual District of Comedy fest is this Thursday through Saturday at The Kennedy Center. For three days stand ups, sketch performers, singers and other funny people will do funny things on stage. Here are 10 of our picks for funny people doing funny things on podcasts. If they make you laugh in a podcast, they’ll make you laugh in the same room.

James Adomian performs Thursday, July 19

Podcasting has been around long enough to have some in the classic genre. Comedy Bang Bang is a classic podcast. James Adomian is one of the best, classic guests on classic podcast. If Comedy Bang Bang is classic rock, Adomian is Led Zeppelin.

Ophira Eisenberg performs Thursday, July 19

Ophira is the host of the excellent NPR quiz show Ask Me Another. Like every good NPR host, she can tell clean jokes without being a clean comic and uses her smarts without making anyone feel dumb. She’s very good. Your mother likes her.

That’s So Retrograde on stage Friday, July 20

That’s So Retrograde is a health/wellness podcast that doesn’t take itself too seriously, making regular detours into dissections of pop culture and personal anecdotes from their wide-ranging stable of guests. Catch a live recording and find ways to live a more mindful life!

Phoebe Robinson performs Friday, July 20

Phoebe Robinson’s Sooo Many White Guys podcast features PRIMARILY interviews with guests who aren’t white dudes. As they often do, some occasionally slip through the cracks, but it doesn’t happen much! She’s a great host and conversationalist, as I’m sure you’ll agree.

Chris Gethard performs Friday, July 20

Cult comedy hero Chris Gethard is a favorite among misfits, weirdos, and goofballs of all sort, with a warmly nihilistic streak that brings a tinge of chaos to everything he touches. Any podcast he appears on is a must-listen, for me.

Open Mike Eagle performs Saturday, July 21

Open Mike Eagle likes pro wrestling and that makes my love of pro wrestling more justifiable.

Baron Vaughn performs Saturday, July 21

Baron Vaughn’s a charming, easygoing guy who’s a pleasure to listen to, as evidenced by his appearance on Phoebe Robinson’s other show, 2 Dope Queens.

Employee of the Month with Catie Lazarus on stage Saturday, July 21

Catie Lazarus’ live chat show Employee of the Month is a monthly favorite at Joe’s Pub in NYC, where she interviews famous and regular people alike about their experiences in the workplace. For the DC installment, Catie’s talking to Chris Jackson from Hamilton, SNL’s Sasheer Zamata, and Vox writer Ezra Klein.

Patton Oswalt performs Saturday, July 21

Who’s a better podcast guest than Patton Oswalt? His all-encompassing passion for all things pop culture and incomparable wit make him a great foil for shows of all sort.

Hari Kondabolu performs Saturday, July 21

Politically Re-Active pairs Hari with his frequent collaborator W. Kamau Bell, where they riff on progressive politics, race, and identity, which are also frequent sources of discussion in their respective standup acts.