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Maybe you have seen the NY Times travel section on DC. Maybe you have read Project Beltway’s or Culture Warrior’s commentary on it.
But then, maybe you didn’t.

It harkens back to the age-old DC question as to why we have the reputation we have among other cities.
This is why-NY Times, this country’s most widely read newspaper, presumably best intentions in hand (tho the whole plastic-Hillary-clone photoshoot leads me to think they had some major prejudice before even starting) sends some semi-jaded journalist onto the “seek-out-DC-hot-spots” trail…and it starts out (sort of) ok:

They mention U street and 14th street (but really only Busboys and Poets on it, how about HR57, the Cat, Mike Benson’s mini-empire, etc?), skim over H street (R’N’R wins the noble mention of ALL the places that exist there, Palace of Wonders being something they should have been all over)
and then as Rachel pointed out: clearly got sucked in, oh-so-Washington style (some irony for her take on irony!) to a party held on The Sequoia so that some guy from a foundation could work his mission statement magic. And it worked! How utterly Washingtonian, I love it. Instead of hearing about all of the cool little spots in DC, the reporter floated around on a boat at an invite-only reception and then talked about the “salon dinners” the guy holds.

It all spirals into a misguided clusterfuck which basically amounts to me/or you being sent to write about New York style/nightlife/culture and focusing only on Times Square, Radio City Hall and photo ops in front of the Statue of Liberty.

Then they ventured out, put some Nancy Reagan-meets-Hilary-in-a-Dynasty catfight outfits no sane Washingtonian woman/girl would be seen dead in on a model styled as a plastic doll and toted her around sights to take some photos in.

examples here:




because, of course, all DC style is about it aquanet and primary colors.
And stockings during summer.

No mention of local music, independent boutiques, events like Hirshhorn after hours or Wild Style at Dissident Display, the Artcade kids, independent theatre…or any other form of local color whatsover.

Well done.

Next time, pretty please, lets do some research.
Thank you.