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Going to shows are always the most fun when you make a night of it. Check out this lineup of shows happening around the city as well as places to eat before or after the show. As a vegetarian, it is my duty to protect and serve my meatless pals out there, though all of these places offer tasty options for carnivores, omnivores, and herbivores alike.

Tears for Fears @ Verizon Center and Daikaya – Monday, June 26

Maybe you want to rule the world (get it, because Tears for Fears), or maybe you just really want some great food before you’re catapulted back to the 80s. Lucky for you, Daikaya is only steps away from the Verizon Center and offers small, child-sized bowls of delicious, noodly goodness. I highly recommend the vegetable ramen bowl with a veggie spice bomb order on the side for some extra heat. If you aren’t crying the entire night, the food isn’t spicy enough and the nostalgia isn’t strong enough.

DakhaBrakha @ U Hall and Dukem – Tuesday, June 27

Kick off your evening of chill jams from DakhaBrakha with some delicious Ethiopian food. While D.C. does have one of the largest Ethiopian populations outside of Ethiopia, it’s not everyday here in the city that you get to listen to mystical Ukranian bands. Dukem is my favorite spot for the best Ethiopian veggie dishes, like vegetable sambusas, lentils, and yellow peas.

Curse Words, Church Girls, and Goshdang @ The Velvet Lounge and Ben’s Chili Bowl – Wednesday, June 28

Chili cheese fries go well with just about anything, but they go especially well with a night of live music. Grab your pals and head over to Ben’s Chili Bowl for a veggie burger topped with a heaping mound of bean chili. Don’t forget to grab a milkshake to go so you can soothe your vocal chords after singing along with badass frontwoman and trumpet player, Mariel Beaumont, of Church Girls all night.


Flowerbomb, Turtlenecked, and Cool American @ Comet Ping Pong and Comet- Thursday, June 29

Comet is your best bet for a one stop evening that includes great music and amazing pizza. Supporting a local restaurant and venue while also supporting local band, Flowerbomb is a great way to spend the evening. Try the Steel Wills pizza with olives, spinach, ricotta, and red sauce.

Des Demonas and Mr. Airplane Man @ Comet Ping Pong and Little Red Fox – Friday, June 30

In case one night at Comet was not enough for you this week, swing by for a second night to check out some soul/punk fusion from D.C. locals, Des Demonas, but not before swinging by Comet’s next door neighbor, Little Red Fox, for a grilled cheese and some smoked tomato with some blue lemongrass kombucha to wash it all down.

Boogarins @ Songbyrd and Amsterdam Falafelshop – Saturday, July 1

Dinner and a show is great, but how about a show and then dinner? AdMo has plenty of late night choices, but the eclectic layered sounds of Boogarins will leave you wanting to layer on the toppings at Amsterdam Falafelshop. If a week of concerts and eating out has left your wallet a bit dry, just a few dollars will get you a huge meal that satisfies carnivores and veg heads alike.

Sam Kogon @ Black Cat and El Centro D.F. – Sunday, July 2

Sunday Funday means stopping by El Centro D.F. for some veggie tacos and guacamole before heading over to Black Cat for the sweet sounds of Sam Kogon. You’ll probably also need some margaritas or mojitos to loosen up a bit before the show.