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Destination Wedding sounds like a wedding themed pop-up bar. In a city with a true crime pop-up bar, a GWAR themed pop-up bar, a Beetlejuice pop-up bar, a Stephen King pop-up bar, recent Royal Wedding pop-up bars and the inevitable Thanksgiving/Christmas/Hanukkah pop-up bar, it seems like Destination Wedding would be a pop-up. It is not. This is not a temporary gimmick. Destination Wedding is a wedding themed bar.

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Lukas B. Smith’s newest incarnation does drinks quickly. He’s spent months developing ways to make his cocktails easy to serve via tap and/or slushie machine. It’s the least amount of time you can wait for a well balanced cocktail, with consistency with each pour. But even though they’re excellent (and even better during happy hour), you’re probably going to be visiting Destination Wedding for its theme.

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Destination Wedding is the first wedding themed bar (at least we could not find another wedding themed bar). There are theme bars for seemingly every interest. So why not a bar whose theme is the happiest day of your life?

The former 2 Birds 1 Stone space features a few rooms, each with a different ‘destination wedding’ theme, meant for four or fewer. There’s the Vegas room, the Amazon room, the Paris room, etc. Each room has a corresponding ‘invitation,’ full of subtle jabs at the kind of people that have these kinds of destination weddings.

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The bar’s stools feature the same Mrs. and Mr. tags you’d find on the bride and groom seats at weddings.

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There’s a dance floor with a wall of flowers and word bubbles you’d find in wedding photo booths, and markers to write in those word bubbles that you’ll soon see on Instagram.

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There’s a guest book that invites guests to sign in and a veil over the bar and bride and groom wedding toppers on the bar and all the pastel colors you expect to see in wedding photos. It’s truly a wedding themed bar. But why would anyone want to go to a wedding themed bar?

Because weddings are fun. Not every marriage works out. Most every wedding does. Weddings are the start of something good, or at least the start of the hope of something good. While we’re not going to say anything bad about the true crime bar for obvious reasons, maybe we need some more light in the bar scene. Without getting too political, the majority of our readers and the people we see at our events could use some levity right now. Destination Wedding definitely provides that levity.

Destination Wedding, 1800 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20009, opens at 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. Happy hour runs 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. every night.

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