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It’s already-finally December! (Who knew being stuck indoors for basically forever could simultaneously move so fast and so slow?) It does not feel like the holidays AT ALL to me (I actually had to pause yesterday to try and remember if Thanksgiving had happened yet), so I’m trying to inject extra doses of ye olde seasonal spirit whenever/wherever possible. Now that’s it’s (sort of) socially acceptable to crank up the wintry jingle-jams, I suggest we all do exactly that with a couple of new-to-me and maybe new-to-you tunes:

Jacklen Ro – C U Christmas Day

The Dears – Christmas Love

Kelly Finnigan – Santa’s Watching You

JW Francis – Wonderful Christmastime

Phoebe Bridgers – If We Make It Through December

Bleached – Jingle Bells

Matt Dorrien – Burrowed

girl in red – two queens in a king sized bed

The Bird and the Bee – You and I at Christmas Time


What holiday tunes are you pumpin’? Let us know!