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There’s nothing we love more than true crime. We talk about it, we read about it, hell, we built the Death Becomes Us true crime festival (buy your tickets to the upcoming D.C. festival now!). So we decided to take our daily true crime chats (it’s a fun office environment!) and condense them into an easy to read column jam packed with all the crime news you crave. From our favorite podcasts, to some classic #TBTs, we’ve got all the talking points you need to scare your friends and family.


  • A podcast that is particularly close to our hearts and souls is Voices for Justice. It takes a deep dive into Alissa Turney’s missing person’s case. It’s beautifully hosted by her sister Sarah Turney. Their father is and always has been the only “person of interest” in this case. Don’t skip this podcast.
  • Make your day significantly sadder by listening to Wrongful Conviction. It takes an indepth look at the stories of people whose lives have changed because of a wrongful conviction. It’s the kind of show that will make you want to donate all your cash to the Innocence Project.
  • Keep the tears going and tune into Last Day, which focuses on the opioid epidemic (and other things that are killing us).
  • Take a break from crying and pop in an episode of Morbid. It’s a cute lo-fi true crime podcast that features two friends talking about weird shit. It’s a good chaser for all of the sad stuff I just recommended.