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There’s nothing we love more than true crime. We talk about it, we read about it, hell, we built the Death Becomes Us true crime festival (which is coming to New York City this March, get your tickets to hang out with Amanda Knox now!). So we decided to take our daily true crime chats (it’s a fun office environment!) and condense them into an easy to read column jam packed with all the crime news you crave. From our favorite podcasts, to some classic #TBTs, we’ve got all the talking points you need to scare your friends and family.


  • Ever since I’ve started listening to Parcast’s Crimes of Passion, I’ve been in the mood for stories of romance and murder and everything in between. Luckily the folks at Wondery know how I feel. Their latest podcast, Over My Dead Body, tells the story of successful husband / wife attorney duo who were in the middle of a rough divorce when the husband was found dead in their house. It’s a wild ride.
  • Our Funny Human of the Week column is all about Kiri Pritchard-McLean, co-host of your favorite British true crime podcast All Killa No Filla.
  • If missing people is more your thing, our friends at Tenderfoot (come see a live episode of Monster: The Zodiac at our true crime festival!) have debuted To Live and Die in LA, a deep dive into the disappearance of wannabe actress Adea Shabani.
  • Need a break from all of these very serious and very dour true crime podcasts? Listening to an episode of Martinis & Murder is like coming home, taking off your jacket and finding your favorite cocktail waiting for you. It’s easy and breezy. And you can also see them at our true crime festival. We’re fun like that.


  • Death Becomes Us is two weeks away! Hang out with real live magician Damien Echols! Bask in the wonder that is John Douglas! Revisit the first year of Serial with Sarah Koenig and Julie Snyder!
  • And speaking of Serial, Variety has an interesting review of HBO’s The Case Against Adnan Syed. Don’t read it if you don’t want any spoilers… but can something be spoiled if it’s already been covered? Someone please decide for me.
  • Not to brag, but we’re in Forbes! It’s all happening!
  • And speaking of Forbes, they’re trying to figure out why the hell people like true crime to begin with.
  • People are losing their minds over the trailer for Hulu’s The Act, which is a fictional retelling of HBO’s Mommy Dead and Dearest.
  • American University is holding a talk about cold cases with investigative journalist Jerry Mitchell.
  • And we’ll finish this up with this opinion in The Guardian that true crime must be killed off. When will the true crime backlash become as tiring as the genre itself?


On this day in 1785, Gesche Margarethe Gottfried, who poisoned 15 people with arsenic in Bremen and Hanover, Germany, was born. She was the last person to be publicly executed in Bremen.