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There’s nothing we love more than true crime. We talk about it, we read about it, hell, we built the Death Becomes Us true crime festival. So we decided to take our daily true crime chats (it’s a fun office environment!) and condense them into an easy to read column jam packed with all the crime news you crave. From our favorite podcasts, to some classic #TBTs, we’ve got all the talking points you need to scare your friends and family.


  • Less than a month after releasing The Shrink Next Door, Wondery is back with a new podcast (this time with the Los Angeles Times, who they last teamed up with to create Dirty John) called Man In the Window… And it’s about the Golden State Killer.
  • In more Wondery news, they’ve also teamed up with SQRL Media to publish Confronting: O.J. Simpson, which centers around Kim Goldman (sister to Ron Goldman) talking to lawyers and investigators about what really happened the night her brother (and Nicole Brown Simpson) died.
  • Let’s move away from all of these new and shiny things and focus on an older podcast. Missing & Murdered: Finding Cleo ran throughout 2018, so if you have a jonesing for a missing persons case and don’t want to wait around for the new episodes, check this one out.


  • Your true crime long read of the week is this piece in Marie Claire about horrifying rate of Native American women who go missing every year. It’s worth all of your time.
  • The second most important true crime article you should read this week is this interview on Vox with the author of Indecent Advances: A Hidden History of True Crime and Prejudice Before Stonewall. Reading about how the author used old data and records to discover these crimes was fascinating.
  • And speaking of books, check out this true crime recommendation list from BookRiot and this one from Women’s Health. There are some goodies in there.
  • In true crime TV news, check out this interview with Amy Berg, the director of The Case Against Adnan Syed.
  • And it looks like Netflix’s latest true crime documentary is going to be one of their wildest.
  • And here’s some info on Oxygen’s latest show, A Lie to Die ForYou know you’re going to watch it.


On this day in 1939, American serial killer Bobby Jack Fowler was born. His Wikipedia page will make your day worse.